ADC Theatre

Park Street, Cambridge

The ADC Theatre is one of the smallest departments of the University of Cambridge, and is the oldest University playhouse in the country. Plays have been presented on the site since 1855. The ADC Theatre is the centre of University drama in Cambridge, led almost entirely by students with no Faculty involvement.

We aim to provide opportunities to experience and learn about all aspects of theatre, while presenting professional standard productions. The ADC Theatre has helped to launch the careers of many theatre luminaries, including Sir Ian McKellen, Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson.

There are several student companies resident to the ADC Theatre including Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club, the Cambridge Footlights, Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society and the Fletcher Players.

Find out more and see what's on by visiting our website at

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Get involved with shows at the ADC Theatre:
CU Show Choir: Teenage Dream Production Team Applications

Cambridge University Show Choir’s Lent Term show Teenage Dream! will be performed at 11pm on Thursday 16 March 2022 and Friday 17th March 2022 (Week 8). We are looking for a production team to help bring our show to the ADC stage! The roles available are: Stage Manager  (no experience necessary) Deputy Stage Manager  (no experience necessary) Sound Designer  Lighting Designer 

    Contact To apply for these roles please send an email to with the information asked for each role (see below) The deadline for applications is 23:59 on Tuesday 21st February. We look forward to reading your applications! If you have any que before 21st Feb 2023 23:59 for more details.

    Charley's Aunt is looking for a prod team!

    The Lent Week 7 ADC Mainshow, Charley's Aunt, is looking for a production team! We looking for a Technical Director  and Stage Manager  to join our team! We're not looking for experience - just someone with the enthusiasm to get involved!

      Contact before 11th Feb 2023 23:59 for more details.

      Agatha Christie's The Hollow is looking for Assistant Stage Managers!

      We're looking for Assistant Stage Managers  for the Week 4 Mainshow!

        Contact before 10th Feb 2023 00:00 for more details.

        Kiss Me, Kate is looking for a Stage Management Team

        We are looking for an enthusiastic stage management team and are pleased to be opening applications for the following roles: Stage Manager  Floor Manager Head of Props Assistant Stage Manager 

          Contact before 8th Feb 2023 23:59 for more details.

          PLX's and Followspot Operator's Wanted!!!

          We are looking for help for the overnight part of the get-in for Sunday in the Park with George. Daytime help is also much appreciated and welcomed! Happening next Saturday night (4th) into Sunday morning (5th). This is a great chance to get more experience at a lighting get in and work with our super talented tech team.

            Contact Eva at before 12th Feb 2023 00:00 for more details.

            Charley's Aunt is looking for a prod team!

            The Lent Week 7 ADC Mainshow, Charley's Aunt, is looking for a production team! We looking for a Set Designer , Lighting designer  and Sound Designer  to join our team! We're not looking for experience - just someone with the enthusiasm to get involved!

              Contact before 11th Feb 2023 23:59 for more details.

              ADC Theatre 09:00 on 7th February Twitter

              The final stages of rehearsals are underway for this week's production of the heart-warming and poignant musical, 'Sunday in the Park with George', opening tonight! Tickets are selling fast from
              #musical #theatre #cambridgearts
              Photo by Paul Ashley

              ADC Theatre 19:30 on 6th February Twitter

              Against the backdrop of the social changes of twentieth century England, four generations of women navigate the incredibly complex and difficult relationships between mothers and daughters.
              Get your tickets now from
              #play #drama #mother #family #theatre

              ADC Theatre 15:41 on 6th February Twitter

              'Playing Pretend' explores how worlds bleed into one another, unpicking how we dream ourselves into magical places and what we do when we can't get back... Get your tickets now from
              #play #drama #cambridgearts #theatre #newwriting

              ADC Theatre 10:00 on 4th February Twitter

              Over 60 years since it debuted in Cambridge, Agatha Christie's The Hollow is back. With witty characters, shock twists and one of Christie's trademark ingenious solutions, The Hollow is the perfect excitement for a spring evening. Get your tickets from

              ADC Theatre 09:16 on 3rd February Twitter

              Thank you to all who attended our collaboration event with @camvisculture on Wednesday night. Be sure to check out the @MAACambridge COLOUR exhibition to see this beautiful Seurat on display, and get your tickets to see the musical this painting inspired:

              ADC Theatre 18:36 on 2nd February Twitter

              'Footlights Presents' is an annual sketch show
              which showcases some of the finest upcoming comedy talent on the Cambridge circuit! Some of our
              comedians have gone on to film, TV and touring work,
              so don't miss this opportunity to see the comedians of
              tomorrow, today!

              ADC Theatre 13:03 on 1st February Twitter

              Alix Addinall's 'Millennium Baby' is on tomorrow for one night only as a rehearsed reading in the Larkum Studio. Come along and support this new piece of student writing! You can get your tickets now from
              #theatre #newwriting #play #cambridgearts #drama

              ADC Theatre 11:00 on 31st January Twitter

              'Macroevolution, Variant B' is a feel-good comedy about a long-lasting friendship, which all starts when three shy freshers meet at a board games night at the University of York, and agree to play a fiendish new game together. Get your tickets now from

              ADC Theatre 10:01 on 30th January Twitter

              Want to find out more about this week's show? Director Elizabeth Laurence and cast members Jake Burke and Dominika Wiatrowska spoke with The Cambridge Tab. You can read more here:…
              #theatre #cambridgearts #play #drama #history
              Photos by Miranda Crawford

              ADC Theatre 10:00 on 30th January Twitter

              Paula Vogel's 'Indecent' follows the true story of Polish-Jewish writer, Sholom Asch and his first play, 'The God of Vengeance'. 'Indecent' runs all this week at the ADC. Get your tickets from
              #theatre #cambridgearts #drama #history

              ADC Theatre 10:00 on 29th January Twitter

              Everyone's favourite musical theatre bar nights are back, with the first of the new season taking place tomorrow at 8pm. Get your tickets now before they are all gone from
              #musical #theatre #bar #songs #cambridgearts

              ADC Theatre 09:00 on 28th January Twitter

              Jude is Fred and April is Lilli in this year's Lent Term #musical: 'Kiss Me, Kate!' Promising to be a dazzling, jazzy spectacle, 'Kiss Me, Kate!' is one of the biggest shows in the ADC calendar. Get your tickets now from
              Photography by Paul Ashley #theatre

              ADC Theatre 15:00 on 27th January Twitter

              Spoiled, pretty, rich – Marie Antoinette has it all. Except her friends are fake, and the French people are baying for her blood. Totally. Not. Cool. Don't miss Marie Antoinette next week at the Corpus Playroom. Tickets are still on sale from

              ADC Theatre 14:30 on 26th January Twitter

              For one night only, stand-up, Jonathan Neary, takes you through his comprehensive plans for anything and everything, so you're never caught off guard by wolves (mostly because you'll be safely indoors, planning). Get your tickets now from
              #comedy #theatre

              ADC Theatre 11:00 on 26th January Twitter

              Jez Butterworth's 'Parlour Song' continues its run at the ADC for the rest of this week. Don't miss out on seeing this explosive and darkly comic play. Get your tickets now from
              #theatre #play #drama #cambridgearts
              Photo by Dominika Baerova

              ADC Theatre 15:00 on 25th January Twitter

              The Footlights return with their annual 'Presents' showcase, featuring fresh and upcoming comedy talent from the Cambridge pool. Stop feeling ‘sorry sorry very sorry’ for yourself and come and see ‘Sorry Sorry Very Sorry’ for yourself:
              #comedy #sketchshow

              ADC Theatre 08:00 on 24th January Twitter

              Crashing on to the ADC stage this week is Jez Butterworth's gripping drama, Parlour Song. When small items slowly start disappearing from demolition worker, Ned's, house, it seems like his life is being demolished around him too. Visit to get your tickets.

              ADC Theatre 18:06 on 23rd January Twitter

              Less 'Summer in Ohio', more Winter in Cambridge... Thinking of spending all your evenings in this week? 'You can do better than that!' Tickets to The Last Five Years are 'Moving too Fast', and you can be 'A Part of That' by getting yours now from #musical

              ADC Theatre 12:00 on 22nd January Twitter

              Relish the idea of controlling other people's acting? This is your chance to shape it with a refreshing drink in a relaxing atmosphere. The Cambridge Impronauts bring their first Quickfire of the term to the ADC this evening:

              ADC Theatre 14:00 on 21st January Twitter

              Paula Vogel's Indecent brings to life the haunting legacy of Jewish life at the beginning of the 20th century, confronting its pain, complexity and beauty. Recommended for anyone who enjoyed 8 Hotels or In Our Veins last term: get your tickets now from

              ADC Theatre 10:30 on 20th January Twitter

              She's fat. She's trans. She's beautiful.
              Cow is her story, but please, join her for the ride. It’s
              gonna be a wild one.
              For one night only at the Corpus Playroom, get your
              tickets from
              #theatre #drama #cambridgearts #monologue #play

              ADC Theatre 16:30 on 19th January Twitter

              Eoin and Annie are George and Dot in our production of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's award-winning musical, 'Sunday in the Park with George', which opens in just three weeks. Tickets are selling fast from #musical #theatre
              Photo by Paul Ashley

              ADC Theatre 12:30 on 19th January Twitter

              In a world that is increasingly disconnected, Alex finds connection on the phone, telling their most intimate thoughts to a stranger. YOUR CALL is the first play from writer Hayley Canham. Get your tickets from
              #drama #cambridgearts #play #newwriting

              ADC Theatre 10:00 on 18th January Twitter

              A group of inmates, down on their luck, reminisce about their criminal lives. Can our not-so-good fellas break free? Will the audience break out in laughter? We continue our season with the sketchiest of sketch-shows at the ADC. Get your tickets now from

              ADC Theatre 17:18 on 17th January Twitter

              The ADC Theatre is the thriving hub of amateur theatre in Cambridge. You can find out more about how to get involved over on our website at or check for a full list of upcoming production vacancies. It's never too late to start out!

              ADC Theatre 15:43 on 16th January Twitter

              The European Theatre Group was set up in 1957 by a group of students including Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Trevor Nunn, and has toured Europe with a Shakespeare play almost every winter since.

              ADC Theatre 11:00 on 15th January Twitter

              Accompanied by a powerful score, The Last Five Years moves between humorous songs and tender, emotional ballads to produce a whirlwind picture of Jamie and Cathy’s relationship, as told through both their lenses. Get your tickets now from #musical

              ADC Theatre 15:00 on 14th January Twitter

              Two couples. Next door neighbours in a perfectly identical housing estate in the suburbs of London. But this seemingly mundane suburbia breeds its own madness. Jez Butterworth's compelling 'Parlour Song' opens later this month. Get your tickets from #drama

              ADC Theatre 16:58 on 13th January Twitter

              Tonight may be your last chance to catch The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrence's riotous improvised thrupenny tale... Get your tickets now!…

              ADC Theatre 12:09 on 11th January Twitter

              What can an audience expect from 'Thrupenny Tales'? Carla Keen from The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences tells us a little bit about their show, opening tonight at the Corpus Playroom. Read more at #mystery #improv #drama #cambridgearts #theatre


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