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It is just over a week until ‘Vanity Fair’ opens and there are causal opportunities for… *set builders  *set painters  No experience required, come and join the fun for a lil break from revision!

    Contact Fiona, producer: before 17th May 2022 23:59 for more details.

    ADC Theatre 10:05 on 17th May Twitter

    Amelia is kind and gentle. Becky is ambitious and rebellious. Amelia longs for love. Becky desires wealth.

    In the world of VANITY FAIR, only one thing is certain - that nothing is certain.

    Tue 24 – Sat 28 May at 7.45pm


    #vanityfair #adctheatre

    ADC Theatre 09:20 on 16th May Twitter

    1 and 2 have been inside so long that they can’t remember their own names.

    Inside, they have created their own world, a town called BALLYTURK, a place merging mythology and memory.

    Tue 24 – Sat 28 May at 7pm


    #corpusplayroom #ballyturk

    ADC Theatre 12:01 on 14th May Twitter

    THIS IS NOT A SKETCH SHOW presents all the areas of comedy that Cambridge theatre forgot. Expect physical comedy, silly songs, wacky characters, circus skills and much, much more.

    Tue 17 May at 11pm


    #sketchcomedy #adctheatre

    ADC Theatre 10:05 on 13th May Twitter

    A PLACE ON EARTH follows four friends on a night out in London. As we join them, Tina's beginning to realise she fancies Molly, while Harry knows he's wildly in Love with Tom.⁠

    Tue 17 – Sat 21 May at 9.30pm⁠


    #adctheatre #newwriting

    ADC Theatre 11:01 on 12th May Twitter

    Join Dragtime!'s kings, queens and inbetweens as they gossip, giggle, and kiki your Easter blues away...

    Sun 15 May at 8pm, ADC Bar


    #drag #adctheatre

    ADC Theatre 11:01 on 11th May Twitter

    It's the apocalypse, and Vincent and Julie face an uncomfortable question: who do they want to join them in their bunker?

    BUNKER is the winner of the Footlights Harry Porter Prize

    Wed 18 – Fri 20 May at 11pm


    @cam_footlights #adctheatre #bunker

    ADC Theatre 13:01 on 10th May Twitter

    The Tony Award-winning M BUTTERFLY retells of the story of Puccini's Madama Butterfly.

    A French diplomat falls in love with a mystical Beijing Opera singer.

    Tue 17 – Sat 21 May at 7.45pm, ADC Theatre


    #butterfly #adctheatre

    ADC Theatre 10:05 on 9th May Twitter

    Professor Gray stands for discipline and truth. But what happens when a college librarian uncovers scandals from his wild youth?⁠

    AN OPEN BOOK is a Wildean farce set in modern Cambridge.⁠

    Tue 17 – Sat 21 May at 7pm⁠


    #corpusplayroom #wilde

    ADC Theatre 17:02 on 8th May Twitter

    DOG and ACTOR are two comedic short plays by Steven Berkoff, performed back-to-back by the same actor.⁠

    Thu 7 – Sat 9 July at 7pm⁠


    @3dumbtheatre #berkoff #corpusplayroom

    ADC Theatre 12:01 on 8th May Twitter

    Meet Samara. She’s funny, clever, impulsive, loud... and she’s just entered rehab after leaving university.

    SO LONG SAMARA BROWN is a dark comedy exploring recovery and redemption.

    Thu 12 May at 8pm, ADC Larkum Studio


    #newwriting #adctheatre

    ADC Theatre 19:28 on 7th May Twitter

    Great review for DOG/ACTOR, which is coming to the Corpus Playroom in Cambridge this July!


    ADC Theatre 10:00 on 7th May Twitter

    Monday is our first Musical Theatre Bar Night of term!⁠

    Taking place in the ADC Bar with an intimate and supportive audience and cheap drinks, what more could you want?⁠

    Mon 9 May at 8pm⁠


    Photo: CUMTS Gala (Andrew Hynes)


    ADC Theatre 11:05 on 6th May Twitter

    In this mime of THE PIED PIPER, we explore the origins of this famous folk tale while also retelling it.⁠

    Wed 11 – Fri 13 May at 11pm, ADC Theatre⁠


    #mime #piedpiper

    ADC Theatre 14:01 on 5th May Twitter

    THE CHAIR follows the perspective of a family chair, that observes the struggles of a Singaporean family from generation to generation.

    Tue 10 – Sat 14 May at 9.30pm, Corpus Playroom


    Publicity: Hannah Castle

    #singapore #corpusplayroom

    ADC Theatre 09:01 on 5th May Twitter

    ENRON tells the unbelievable and true story of the collapse of one of Wall's Street biggest financial giants. We caught up with the Director to find out more about the process of bringing this show to life.⁠


    #enron #adctheatre

    ADC Theatre 15:41 on 4th May Twitter

    "THE SON is a special production, with sensitive direction, perfect staging and a stellar cast..."

    A five-star review from @VarsityUK for THE SON!

    Don't miss the show, running until Saturday at the ADC Theatre


    ADC Theatre 14:45 on 4th May Twitter

    Four stars from @TCSNewspaper for HOWEVER BELLIGERENT THE CACTUS!

    "A challenging love story... with true flashes of brilliance"

    Book tickets at


    ADC Theatre 10:00 on 4th May Twitter

    In this true story, ENRON follows the rapid decline of this corporate giant in one of the largest white-collar crime cases of the century.

    Tue 10 – Sat 14 May at 7.45pm, ADC Theatre


    Publicity: Alicia Powell

    #enron #adctheatre

    ADC Theatre 13:33 on 3rd May Twitter

    GARRY BONDS' BALANCED BREAKFASTS opens tonight at the Corpus Playroom!

    Don't miss the debut of this tale of time travel, ghosts and baseball

    #baseball #corpusplayroom

    ADC Theatre 10:00 on 3rd May Twitter

    Brian Henry is a billionaire. Leigh, Robyn and Sophie decide to kidnap him and redistribute his money

    HOODED is a darkly comic piece of new writing,

    Tue 10 – Sat 14 May at 7pm⁠


    Publicity: Michael Kabasele⁠

    #corpusplayroom #billionaire

    ADC Theatre 12:01 on 2nd May Twitter

    Join Cambridge Footlight, Maria Pointer in her one-woman show SAY IT LOUD! as she lets you in on all the chaos of her life and what it’s like to live in the shadow of a certain musical number…

    Mon 9 May at 9.30pm


    #standup #corpusplayroom

    ADC Theatre 17:01 on 1st May Twitter

    The first Footlights Smoker of term is coming to the ADC Theatre this Tuesday, presenting the freshest sketch and stand-up comedy!

    Tue 3 May at 11pm


    @cam_footlights #smoker #studentcomedy

    ADC Theatre 13:01 on 30th April Twitter

    Applications are open to stage a show next term!

    Find out more about how to apply at

    Photo from @CUMTS Gala (Andrew Hynes)

    #adctheatre #corpusplayroom

    ADC Theatre 09:05 on 30th April Twitter

    The Impronauts are doing more silly improvised comedy for you at the ADC Bar!

    Sun 1 May at 8pm, ADC Bar


    @impronauts #adctheatre #improv

    ADC Theatre 10:00 on 29th April Twitter

    In BLUE WORKERS, a toe-tapping original musical, you're given front row seats to the shenanigans that go on behind the curtain in a theatre.

    Wed 4 – Fri 6 May at 11pm, ADC Theatre


    Publicity: Charlotte Vine

    #backstage #adctheatre

    ADC Theatre 14:01 on 28th April Twitter

    HOWEVER BELLIGERENT THE CACTUS is a play that deals with political idealism, power imbalance, and the unstable self-consciousness of youth.

    Tue 3 – Sat 7 May at 9.30pm, Corpus Playroom


    #corpusplayroom #cactus

    ADC Theatre 10:01 on 28th April Twitter

    BLUE WORKERS is a student-written music about the unsung heroes of the stage: the techies!

    Read more about the show at

    @CUMTS #musicaltheatre #techies

    ADC Theatre 14:05 on 27th April Twitter

    Here are some photos from the opening night of I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE!

    This hilarious musical comedy show about love and relationships is running until Saturday at the ADC Theatre.

    Tickets available at

    @CamPiedPipers #musical #comedy

    ADC Theatre 11:01 on 27th April Twitter

    GARRY BONDS' BALANCED BREAKFAST is an original comedy-drama that asks: what will you sacrifice to be the best?

    Tue 3 – Sat 7 May at 7pm, Corpus Playroom


    Publicity design by Katie Wrench

    #corpusplayroom #baseball


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