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13:15 on 13th August Twitter ADC Theatre

The director of A CULTURAL EXCHANGE is being interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire right now - you can listen here!…


09:02 on 8th August Twitter ADC Theatre

A CULTURAL EXCHANGE opens in less than a week at the #CorpusPlayroom - you can get 2 for 1 tickets to the show if you use the order code CLOWN when buying a ticket!…

16:00 on 30th July Twitter ADC Theatre

See the show that audiences have called "very, very funny" with a "big heart" - tickets are still available for A CULTURAL EXCHANGE this August!…


13:15 on 30th July Twitter ADC Theatre

The director of #HisDarkMaterials is being interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - have a listen here!…

@BBCCambs @FitzMuseum_UK

11:29 on 30th July Twitter ADC Theatre

Here's a time-lapse of the #getin and set build for #HisDarkMaterials!

Only five performances left of the show - get your tickets before they've sold out at…

17:58 on 26th July Twitter ADC Theatre

Mrs Coulter is rocking Svalbard style in a heatwave... #HisDarkMaterials

Good job the gallery has air con! 1 sleep till #ADConTour heads to the @FitzMuseum_UK

14:39 on 23rd July Twitter ADC Theatre

Get arty at @FitzMuseum_UK this summer! Join Whipple Museum at the Fitz and make your own alethiometer, inspired by our production of #HisDarkMaterials
Ages 8-12, Free Event, Book: 01223332904/

11:14 on 18th July Twitter ADC Theatre

ALTERNATE SLICES is a brand-new show opening at the #CorpusPlayroom next week, and we have an exclusive interview with the writer, discussing the way that the show explores parallel realities.

Read it here:

15:18 on 17th July Twitter ADC Theatre

ALTERNATE SLICES is an innovate new play about the effects of the tiniest decisions.

Two years ago, Finola made a choice which led to two very different lives
Now those two worlds collide...

Taking place next week at the #CorpusPlayroom

11:05 on 17th July Twitter ADC Theatre

The company of #HisDarkMaterials were filming the sections set in the Land of the Dead - here's a few rehearsal shots!

Tickets available at…

14:10 on 16th July Twitter ADC Theatre

This week's improv show GODS & MONSTERS will feature mythology-themed songs by @JessicaTheLaw - have a listen to one of the songs here!

Tickets available for this #CorpusPlayroom show at

12:55 on 15th July Twitter ADC Theatre

It's getting closer and closer to the opening night of #HisDarkMaterials at the Fitxzwilliam Museum!

Tickets are selling fast for this epic, day-long family show - the last of our #ADConTour season…

14:58 on 13th July Twitter ADC Theatre

HIS DARK MATERIALS is coming to the Fitzwilliam Museum in two weeks' time!

Tickets available at…

12:02 on 13th July Twitter ADC Theatre

What's the easiest way to become a legend? Steal fire from the gods? Or build shoddy wings and fly too close to the sun?

GODS AND MONSTERS is an exciting new improv show that explores what it means to be a legend. Have a look at the preview below!

10:30 on 13th July Twitter ADC Theatre

The team behind GODS AND MONSTERS are on @cambridge105 radio right now talking about their show! You can listen here:

16:00 on 10th July Twitter ADC Theatre

Sometimes drama can be too convincing, like when the listeners of Orson Welles' radio show 'War of the Worlds' thought that aliens were actually invading...

WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE PANIC BROADCAST, recreates this story tonight at the #CorpusPlayroom!

14:00 on 10th July Twitter ADC Theatre

There's only 13 tickets left for the final performance of #HisDarkMaterials at the Fitzwilliam Museum!

Get your tickets now before they all disappear at…


10:45 on 10th July Twitter ADC Theatre

GODS AND MONSTERS is a brand-new show at the #CorpusPlayroom next week exploring our need for myths and storytelling.

The team behind the show will be talking on @cambridge105 this Friday at 11:30am!

Tickets still available at

14:26 on 6th July Twitter ADC Theatre

It's three weeks until our final #ADConTour show begins - HIS DARK MATERIALS is an epic, day-long adaptation of the classic #PhilipPullman trilogy.

Here's a photo of the evil Mrs Coulter...

Tickets available at…

14:44 on 5th July Twitter ADC Theatre

'If thou more murmur'st, I will rend an oak
And peg thee in his knotty entrails till
Thou hast howl'd away twelve winters.'

Here's a glimpse of Prospero in THE TEMPEST, which will tour around the US before coming to the #ADCTheatre in October!

16:30 on 3rd July Twitter ADC Theatre

Our Pantomime, THE GINGERBREAD MAN, is going to be finger-lickin' good and ginger kicking food.

16:45 on 2nd July Twitter ADC Theatre

Look at the beautiful publicity design for BLUE STOCKINGS!

This incredible true story of the first female college in #Cambridge is worth seeing - visiting the #CorpusPlayroom this September

11:00 on 2nd July Twitter ADC Theatre

GODS & MONSTERS is a devised shows exploring our needs for myths and storytelling.

Will there be #gods in the show or #monsters - or both? Come to the #CorpusPlayroom from the 19th to 21st July and find out!

13:21 on 1st July Twitter ADC Theatre

Two clowns, from two different cultures.

A CULTURAL EXCHANGE is a brand-new drama about the ways in which clowns from England and France are different to each other. Expect masks, puppetry and much more at the #CorpusPlayroom…

16:30 on 29th June Twitter ADC Theatre

ALTERNATE SLICES is a piece of new writing about the different directions that someone's life can take.

See it this July at the #CorpusPlayroom - tickets available at

10:30 on 29th June Twitter ADC Theatre

Have a look at this promo video for LITTLE SPARKS, opening at the #CorpusPlayroom next week!…

14:38 on 27th June Twitter ADC Theatre

The #Cambridge American Stage Tour visits venues in the USA every year and performs a #Shakespeare play.

This year they're doing THE TEMPEST, and they'll be doing a preview on the 26th August at the #CorpusPlayroom!

Get your tickets in advance at

17:13 on 26th June Twitter ADC Theatre

We're excited to be hosting SUSPICIOUSLY CHEAP COMEDY for a third time on 16th October!

Previous times we've had Mark Watson and James Acaster headlining - who will be in the line-up this time round?

11:47 on 26th June Twitter ADC Theatre

All the office fire wardens want in their life is a little danger... LITTLE SPARKS is the story of when this wish gets a little too real.

Make sure to see this fiery comedy before it heads up to the #edfringe, at the #CorpusPlayroom next week!


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