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Footlights Presents: Growing Pains

Publicity Designer needed !

    Contact before 6th Dec 2020 00:00 for more details.

    Footlights Spring Revue 2021: Are You Sitting Comfortably? is looking for an Assistant Director!

    The Footlights are looking for an assistant director for one of the most exciting shows on the Cambridge comedy calendar!

      Contact, before 4th Dec 2020 01:00 for more details.

      Footlights Spring Revue 2021: Are You Sitting Comfortably? is looking for a tech team!

      Footlights Spring Revue 2021: Are You Sitting Comfortably? is looking for a tech team, including TD, SM, DSM, LD, SD, Publicity Designer, Set Designer, and Photographer!

        Contact, before 4th Dec 2020 01:00 for more details.

        Footlights Presents: Growing Pains

        Director and Producer(s) for FOOTLIGHTS PRESENTS: GROWING PAINS (Lent term Week 3 late show)

          Contact before 6th Dec 2020 00:00 for more details.


          DIRECTORS: We are looking for creative directors to help the team of writer/performers reach their full comedy potential on stage. You will be in charge of running rehearsals and bringing the creative vision of the show to life. PRODUCER: As producer you will be in charge of the organisational side of the show. This includes managing the rehearsal schedule, publicity and budgeting.

            Contact before 2nd Dec 2020 00:00 for more details.

            S.H.E.E.P is looking for a PRODUCER

            As the Producer you will be in charge of the organisational aspects of the show which includes: managing the rehearsal schedule, publicity, budget for the show, and social media presence! Please read the application pack:

              Contact before 1st Dec 2020 00:00 for more details.

              S.H.E.E.P. is looking for a Director & Assistant Directors

              Director: As the Director you will be in charge of the creative vision for the show. You will be responsible for organising and running rehearsals and ensuring the writing sessions are on track. You will work with the writer/performers to develop and stage ideas for the show and bring the show to life! Assistant Director: As an Assistant Director you will be essentially helping the director. This will involve helping with organising/ running rehearsals. Working closely with the Director and Writer/ Performers to form a creative vision and bring the show to the stage. Please read the application pack:

                Contact before 1st Dec 2020 00:00 for more details.


                "The Well-Beloved" is an adaptation of Thomas Hardy's criminally neglected novella of the same name. It tells the story of a sculptor's lifelong obsession with finding the perfect woman which ends in a sexual fixation on three generations of the same family. There are no scenes of nudity, sex or sexual violence. We are particularly interested in someone who has ideas about staging a nineteenth century plot in a way that feels timeless, and lets the strangeness of the story breathe. Freshers are encouraged to apply! Applications close at 23:59 on 30th November and for more details take a look at the Application Pack:

                  Contact and before 30th Nov 2020 23:59 for more details.

                  The Backwards People Co-Director Application! 👫

                  The Backwards People is looking for an enthusiastic and committed Co-Director to help the brilliant Jonathan Powell bring his vision to life! More information can be found in the application pack below x

                    Contact, before 29th Dec 2020 11:59 for more details.

                    Director and Producer Applications // ADC Week 0 Lateshow

                    **THE HOUSE IS NOW OPEN // Week 0 ADC Lateshow** We're looking for Directors and Producers for this hilarious student-written comedy!!! The deadline to apply is December 1st Click on this ad for more details!

                      Contact, before 1st Dec 2020 23:59 for more details.

                      ADC Theatre 11:01 on 25th November Twitter

                      Looking for a Christmas present to give someone?

                      Support the theatre you love by giving them an ADC gift voucher.

                      Get a gift voucher at

                      Photo from 'Twelfth Night' in 2015, taken by Johannes Hjorth

                      #theatre #christmas

                      ADC Theatre 10:01 on 17th November Twitter

                      Looking for something to watch just before Christmas! We will be screening a filmed version of THE NUTCRACKER at the ADC Theatre, from 17 to 19 December!


                      @balletcentral @csbschool

                      ADC Theatre 12:31 on 13th November Twitter

                      One year after its staging in October 2019, Director Adedamola Laoye reflects on his production of 'The Convert'

                      You can read the whole piece at

                      #adc #director

                      ADC Theatre 12:01 on 10th November Twitter

                      We've unfortunately had to close our doors to the public once again, but we're excited about the shows we'll be able to present when we're able to re-open!

                      Our Management team are on furlough but you can contact us at 01223 359547 every Monday, 11am-6pm

                      #theatre #cambridge

                      ADC Theatre 23:04 on 4th November Twitter

                      Unfortunately, we are experiencing some technical difficulties with tonight’s stream of 'Almost Romeo and Juliet'. We hope to have the issue resolved by 23:15 and thank you for your patience in the meantime.

                      ADC Theatre 17:25 on 4th November Twitter

                      ★★★★★ from The Cambridge Student for ORDINARY DAYS!

                      The show finishes tonight, and in-person tickets have sold out, so the only way you can watch it is by booking a streaming ticket at

                      Read the review:…

                      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 4th November Twitter

                      We're streaming a recording of ALMOST AND JULIET tonight at 11pm! Don't miss this hilarious comedy based on a Shakespeare classic, streaming for one night only!

                      Tickets available at

                      #comedy #cambridge

                      ADC Theatre 19:02 on 3rd November Twitter

                      We are livestreaming a Footlights Smoker tonight at 11pm, and this one will have performances by brand-new comedians!

                      See the freshest in student stand-up and sketch comedy, performing as a livestream to watch at home


                      #comedy @Cam_Footlights

                      ADC Theatre 15:31 on 3rd November Twitter

                      If you're watching the stream of ORDINARY DAYS tonight or tomorrow, and want to make a cocktail to accompany it, then here's our suggested recipe!

                      Tickets still on sale at

                      #musical #cocktail @CUMTS

                      ADC Theatre 13:36 on 3rd November Twitter

                      ORDINARY DAYS is performing tonight and tomorrow night at 7.45pm! Don't miss your tickets for our last Mainshow before the lockdown.

                      In-person tickets selling fast but plenty of streaming tickets available.


                      #musical #newyork @CUMTS

                      ADC Theatre 11:49 on 1st November Twitter

                      We regret to announce that all scheduled performances at the ADC Theatre between Thursday 5th November and Saturday 5th December will be cancelled. All customers with tickets to cancelled performances will be contacted as soon as possible next week with more information.

                      ADC Theatre 18:51 on 30th October Twitter

                      Wanting to tune in to tonight's penultimate performance of Macbeth? There is still time to grab your streaming ticket from #drama #theatre #livestream

                      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 30th October Twitter

                      Here's the publicity design for the hilarious student-written musical NO CASH LEFT ON THE PREMISES OVERNIGHT!

                      Streaming 11 to 14 November at 11pm


                      Poster by Ailsa Critten

                      #musical #comedy

                      ADC Theatre 11:30 on 29th October Twitter

                      We're delighted to reveal the publicity design for the play 'How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found'!

                      Tue 10 – Sat 14 November at 7.45pm


                      Design by Polly Ruppel

                      #play #student

                      ADC Theatre 16:43 on 28th October Twitter

                      "The acting is incredible throughout" (@tabcambridge)

                      ★★★★ for MACBETH!

                      In-person tickets have sold out but you can still watch the show as a livestream.


                      Photo by Bella Biddle


                      ADC Theatre 13:37 on 28th October Twitter

                      Glad to hear you enjoyed the show! In-person tickets for Macbeth have sold out, but there are still plenty of tickets available to watch as a stream from home!


                      ADC Theatre 09:30 on 28th October Twitter

                      "Rumour has it the Addam’s Family, the Beetlejuice musical, and plenty of classic Halloween pop are all on the cards 👀..."

                      We spoke to Dragtime about their Halloween production which they are livestreaming this week! You can read more at

                      #drag #student

                      ADC Theatre 09:30 on 27th October Twitter

                      Read our interview with the Director of this week's MACBETH at

                      In-person tickets are currently SOLD OUT, but a few more will be released the day before each performance. Or you can watch the livestream from home!


                      ADC Theatre 11:01 on 26th October Twitter

                      If you are watching this week's livestream at home, why not make yourself a themed show cocktail, the 'Pink Lady Macbeth'! In-person and livestreaming tickets can be bought online at #theatre #drama #shakespeare #macbeth #cocktail

                      ADC Theatre 11:43 on 25th October Twitter

                      Macbeth has SOLD OUT its available in-person tickets! But if you want to see the show, there's still hope:

                      🎟️ A couple of tickets will be released the day before each performance

                      📺 There are still streaming tickets available!

                      Book now at

                      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 25th October Twitter

                      DRAGTIME is performing a new, Halloween-themed show at the ADC Theatre this week!

                      Want to find out what Dragtime is about? Watch their trailer here:…

                      Wed 28 – Sat 31 October, livestreaming at 11pm


                      #drag #cambridge

                      ADC Theatre 13:05 on 24th October Twitter

                      Here's tonight's programme for THE SPOTLIGHT! Don't miss this showcase of musical theatre tunes, performing in-person and as a livestream at 7.45pm!


                      (Tickets go off sale at 6pm)

                      @CUMTS #musical #theatre

                      ADC Theatre 16:07 on 23rd October Twitter

                      One hour left to get your tickets for tonight's @CUMTS Spotlight! Check out this evening's fantastic line-up and then head on over to to get your ticket to see the show in-person in our socially-distanced auditorium, or livestreamed to your living room!

                      ADC Theatre 10:01 on 23rd October Twitter

                      Charlene is having a tea party, and all of Cambridge is invited!

                      This intimate and interactive drag show is streaming for one night only, Tue 17 November at 11pm


                      #drag #cambridge

                      ADC Theatre 14:02 on 22nd October Twitter

                      Introducing this week's show cocktail: the Spotlight, which you can make at home and enjoy alongside the livestream! Tickets for this spectacular cabaret evening with CUMTS are still on sale at #musical #theatre #cocktail #spotlight #cabaret

                      ADC Theatre 09:05 on 22nd October Twitter

                      Cambridge's premiere drag troupe Dragtime are back with their Halloween-themed show #Squadghouls!

                      Watch it as a livestream between Wed 28 and Sat 31 October at 11pm

                      Tickets available at

                      Poster design by Griffin Twemlow

                      #halloween #drag

                      ADC Theatre 10:01 on 21st October Twitter

                      We're excited to reveal the poster design for the musical ORDINARY DAYS!

                      Performing Tue 3 – Sat 7 November at 7.45pm

                      Available to watch in our socially-distanced auditorium, or as a livestream to watch from home


                      Design by Jonathan Powell

                      ADC Theatre 18:02 on 20th October Twitter

                      Looking for something to watch tonight? The Cambridge Footlights are streaming their fortnightly Smoker at 11pm tonight, with the freshest in sketch and stand-up comedy!

                      Tickets go off sale at 10pm: get them at

                      @Cam_Footlights #comedy #sketch

                      ADC Theatre 12:47 on 20th October Twitter

                      Brand new show this Friday and Saturday!

                      Watch some of Cambridge's most talented Musical Theatre performers in THE SPOTLIGHT!

                      See it in our socially-distanced auditorium or as a livestream from home.


                      @CUMTS #musical #theatre

                      ADC Theatre 11:30 on 20th October Twitter

                      Here's the poster design for MACBETH, which is being staged at the ADC Theatre next week!

                      Tue 27 – Sat 31 October at 7.45pm

                      Available to watch in our socially-distanced auditorium and as a livestream to watch at home


                      Poster by Juliet Martin


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