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ADC Theatre 18:48 on 18th April Twitter

Our lovely Summer Season brochures have arrived!

Head to the theatre to grab your copy or head to our website to see our online version.

ADC Theatre 13:29 on 10th April Twitter

In honour of this week's show, #Photograph51, here's a research paper our Technical Manager @theastronat wrote on x-ray diffraction! #DrNathanielDavies

ADC Theatre 19:26 on 9th April Twitter

Congratulations to alumnus, Emma Corrin, who has just been cast as Princess Diana in @TheCrownNetflix!…

ADC Theatre 18:00 on 9th April Twitter

Our Summer Season brochure is now online!

Check out what we have in store, then head to our website to get booking!…

ADC Theatre 16:00 on 8th April Twitter

We are recruiting!

The Executive Committee of the ADC Theatre wish to appoint a full-time Theatre Manager from Sep 2019-Aug 2020.

Head to our website for more info and to apply!

ADC Theatre 14:00 on 7th April Twitter

No idea what a euphonium is or what it sounds like? Tune in to the @jeremysallis show on @BBCCambs radio tomorrow at 2.15pm to find out and to learn more about our upcoming show, 'Brassed Off', from two of the cast members!

ADC Theatre 09:00 on 6th April Twitter

"Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?"

Don't miss your last chance to see T. S. Eliot's 'Murder in the Cathedral' today!

Limited tickets are still available online and on the door for today's matinée (2.30pm) and evening (7.45pm) performances.

ADC Theatre 17:26 on 5th April Twitter

Catch @UnplannedM in 'Twisted Tales' at the Corpus Playroom at 7pm tonight and tomorrow night!…

ADC Theatre 13:00 on 5th April Twitter

This month's @CambsEdition is now online! Check out their arts and culture section to find out a bit more about the shows we have lined up!

ADC Theatre 17:00 on 4th April Twitter

We have an Easter Treat for you this April!

The @balletcentral tour returns for just three performances! This is a show not to be missed #futureofdance #ballet

ADC Theatre 13:30 on 4th April Twitter

Our Summer Season is now on sale!

Head to our website to see what we have in store...

ADC Theatre 13:00 on 31st March Twitter

Want to learn more about Anna Ziegler’s award-winning play, 'Photograph 51' before it opens @adctheatre next week?

Tune in to @BBCCambs radio tomorrow at 2.15pm to hear members of the cast talking about the show!

ADC Theatre 16:27 on 26th March Twitter

Green Day's 'American Idiot' is a high-energy punk-rock opera exploring the disillusionment of a generation coming of age in a tumultuous world, and opens tonight at the ADC Theatre!…

ADC Theatre 16:20 on 26th March Twitter

Green Day's 'American Idiot' is a high-energy punk-rock opera exploring the disillusionment of a generation coming of age in a tumultuous world, and opens tonight at 7.45pm @adctheatre

ADC Theatre 15:17 on 21st March Twitter

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 from @VarsityUK for Legally Blonde!

We have 5 tickets left for tonight's show and a limited number of day seats left for our remaining evening performances. Bend and snap up those tickets!

ADC Theatre 14:30 on 20th March Twitter

We're so excited for the @balletcentral tour show on the 22nd and 23rd April 2019! From classical ballet to contemporary dance theatre, choreographed by top dance industry influencers, it's a performance not to be missed!

ADC Theatre 16:56 on 19th March Twitter

Omigod you guys! Evening performances of 'Legally Blonde' are now sold-out! We have a limited number of day seats available at 1pm, and still have tickets available for matinees on Thursday and Saturday.

ADC Theatre 12:59 on 14th March Twitter

30 comedians, 23 hours, 5 teams, 5 shows...

The teams have been working hard since midnight to put together their shows. Head to the ADC at 11pm tonight to see the end result!…

ADC Theatre 16:00 on 5th March Twitter

Nicholas Payne returns home from a long day on Wall Street. He tries to liberate himself from his unexplained anguish, but what ails him so?

'Conversations with Myself' is an innovative piece of new writing devised by the Cambridge Mask Collective.

ADC Theatre 14:22 on 5th March Twitter

A huge congratulations to our alumni writing team @marlowandmoss, whose @sixthemusical has been nominated for 5 (FiVE) Olivier Awards!

SiX had a post-fringe home run here at the ADC Theatre in October 2017 before transferring to the Arts Theatre, London!

ADC Theatre 12:00 on 5th March Twitter

Bombs, bombs, bombs!

Malaysia's top female scientist Mary Yuen has been recruited for a top-secret national project. The mission: building Southeast Asia's first atomic bomb.

The catch: there's no legal way for them to obtain uranium.

ADC Theatre 19:00 on 4th March Twitter

“Good god, people don't do such things!”

Hedda Gabler is bored. Stuck with her dull, dependable husband in her stifling new mansion, she wants a destiny to control – if not her own, then someone else's.

ADC Theatre 20:26 on 26th February Twitter

So incredibly proud to have had Oscar Queen #OliviaColman tread our boards back in the day! We're constantly in awe of our alumni!

Little throw back to her 1994 performance in the @Cam_Footlights Spring Revue.

ADC Theatre 12:12 on 19th February Twitter

When your printers decide your comedy shows need more men... 👍

ADC Theatre 16:53 on 14th February Twitter

Applications are open to be part of our Summer Season! We're accepting apps for ADC Mains, Playroom Mains and Comedy shows.

Head to our website to apply! Deadline Wednesday 20 Feb, 11am.…

ADC Theatre 17:51 on 13th February Twitter

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 from @VarsityUK for Angels in America!

Don't miss this "visually stunning, emotionally powerful show"!…

ADC Theatre 18:00 on 6th February Twitter

This week is the inaugural @Cam_Footlights Stand-Up Showcase!

Don't miss your chance to see this brand new show from the group that has launched many of the great names in comedy.…

ADC Theatre 16:06 on 6th February Twitter

'No production could be more entertaining to watch in the run-up to Valentine’s Day than this' ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 @VarsityUK

Rave reviews for @CUMTS 'She Loves Me' showing this week at this ADC!…

ADC Theatre 14:52 on 31st January Twitter

'A congested, deeply captivating and expertly performed political narrative' ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 from @VarsityUK

Rave reviews for Caryl Churchill's 'Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?' Three more performances left this week at the #CorpusPlayroom!

ADC Theatre 16:58 on 30th January Twitter

Tonight's performance of 'Wild Honey' will be preceded by a Pre-Show Talk and Q&A session with an expert panel on all things Chekhov, Russian Tragicomedy and the fascinating history of this little-known play!

The ADC Bar will be open from 6pm and the talk will begin at 6.15pm.


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