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PANTO 2021 Prod Team Applications are OPEN!

Accessibility and Welfare Officer, Assistant Director , Assistant Producer /Publicist  x2, Chief Electrician  (CLX ), Choreographer , Costume Designer , Deputy Stage Manager  (DSM ), Fight Choreographer , Head of Props, Lighting Designer , Music Director , Publicity Designer , Set Designer , Sound Designer , Sound Engineer, Stage Manager , Technical Director  Application Pack:

    Contact before 31st Jul 2021 18:00 for more details.

    TOP GIRLS have reopened for LIGHTING DESIGNER

    Applications for Lighting Designer  have been reopened!

      Contact, before 25th Jul 2021 23:59 for more details.

      ADC Theatre 18:57 on 23rd July Twitter

      Wishing you the best Chris! It's been a pleasure to work with you when Ballet Central has performed at the ADC…

      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 23rd July Twitter

      We're recruiting!

      We're looking for Casual Duty Managers to join our team from September.

      To find out more and to apply, visit

      📷 Sophie de Sousa McMeakin, No Quarter

      ADC Theatre 13:41 on 22nd July Twitter

      Only three days until stand-up comedian and poet HARRY BAKER performs at the ADC Theatre!


      @harrybakerpoet #standupcomedy

      ADC Theatre 12:02 on 21st July Twitter

      Come along to get a drink before 'The Playboy of the Western World', running every evening until Saturday!

      This is the first time the brand-new ADC Bar furniture is being used since we bought it mid-lockdown last year.


      ADC Theatre 17:09 on 19th July Twitter

      Are you seeing or planning to see 'The Playboy of the Western World' or Harry Baker this week, and want to know what to expect when coming to the ADC Theatre?

      Read here for more info about what we will have in place:…

      ADC Theatre 12:55 on 18th July Twitter

      Congratulations to CamFM for winning an award for their radio work during the pandemic! We enjoyed working with you to broadcast our ADC Online shows in 2020

      @camfm972 #radio…

      ADC Theatre 10:01 on 16th July Twitter

      'The Playboy of the Western World' performs at the ADC Theatre next week. We spoke to the show's team to find out more about what audiences can expect from the show.


      #theatre #playboy

      ADC Theatre 10:01 on 15th July Twitter

      The one-man show NOTHING GREAT IS EASY has begun rehearsing in the Corpus Playroom!

      Tue 27 – Sat 31 July at 7.45pm


      #theatre #cambridge

      ADC Theatre 16:46 on 13th July Twitter

      In line with the national lifting of social distancing, we are increasing the audience capacity for three shows taking place this Summer after the 19th July: 'The Playboy of the Western World', Harry Baker and 'Nothing Great is Easy'

      ADC Theatre 11:01 on 10th July Twitter

      While tidying up the Theatre, we found this huge map of Narnia! It seems to be a painted backdrop that was used for a show: do you remember seeing it in a show?

      #narnia #theatre

      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 9th July Twitter

      We discovered this backcloth with lyrics painted on it while we were tidying up the ADC stage wing! We don't know what show it comes from - if you know where it's from, we'd love to hear from you!

      #theatre #maintenance

      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 8th July Twitter

      Our maintenance camp continues! We have a team taking all of the lights in the building and doing electrical testing on them. Here's a sneak peek!⁠

      #theatre #maintenance

      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 7th July Twitter

      Our annual maintenance camp continues! And our hoover has gotten into a bit of a tight spot – can you tell where it is?

      #adc #theatre

      ADC Theatre 10:01 on 6th July Twitter

      This week we are running a maintenance camp where we make essential repairs to the building!

      We discovered the following written on a trolley that used to transport lighting gels: it's one of the oldest pieces of writing that we've discovered in the Theatre!

      #camp #theatre

      ADC Theatre 09:00 on 29th June Twitter

      NOTHING GREAT IS EASY is a one-man show that tells the extraordinary true-life story of the first person to swim the English Channel.

      Tue 27 – Sat 31 July at 7.45pm, Corpus Playroom

      Watch trailer:…


      #theatre #cambridge

      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 25th June Twitter

      Mathematician-turned-World-Slam-Champion Harry Baker turns 10,000 days old, celebrating numbers, words and life itself.

      See Harry perform at the ADC Theatre on Sunday 25 July at 7.45pm

      Watch a preview:…



      ADC Theatre 12:21 on 24th June Twitter

      We have just released an extra 20 tickets for this afternoon's performance of 'As You Like It', set in the beautiful gardens of the Fitzwilliam Museum's Grove Lodge. Tickets can be bought online at Grab them before they are gone! #hereforculture

      ADC Theatre 10:01 on 24th June Twitter

      'The Playboy of the Western World' opens at the ADC Theatre this month!

      Watch the trailer here:…

      Tue 20 to Sat 24 July at 7.45pm


      #theatre #cambridge

      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 23rd June Twitter

      New dates have been added for 'As You Like It', in Grove Lodge Gardens of the Fitzwilliam Museum - Sunday 27 and Monday 28 June at 2pm.

      Tickets have been selling quickly, so get yours before it's too late at…

      @FitzMuseum_UK #theatre #shakespeare

      ADC Theatre 11:02 on 22nd June Twitter

      Tonight is the final Footlights Smoker of the term! All in-person tickets have sold out, but you can book a livestreaming ticket.


      @Cam_Footlights #comedy #cambridge

      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 20th June Twitter

      The student-written comedy THE PARNASSUS PLAYERS opens at the ADC Theatre this week! We spoke to the show's writer, Seán O'Neill, about this Elizabethan-themed show.


      #comedy #cambridge @CUADC

      ADC Theatre 16:17 on 19th June Twitter

      We've just released the last remaining in-person tickets for LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS! This show isn't being streamed, so these are the only opportunity to be able to see the show

      Get your tickets at

      ADC Theatre 11:01 on 19th June Twitter

      CHARLENE'S TEA TIME is an interactive drag show, with music, mayhem, madness, and the tastiest tea that Cambridge has to offer.

      Fri 25 – Sat 26 June at 7pm


      #drag #teatime

      ADC Theatre 13:01 on 18th June Twitter

      HALFWAY is a story of connection, perspective and the act of growing up, which debuts at the Corpus Playroom next week.

      Wed 23 – Thu 24 June at 7pm⁠

      Tickets available at

      #theatre #cambridge

      ADC Theatre 11:27 on 17th June Twitter

      We've just released some in-person tickets for otherwise sold-out performances! First up, the Saturday performance of CONSENT:

      ADC Theatre 09:01 on 17th June Twitter

      The Trouble With Today's Women is a verbatim piece of devised theatre inspired by Sudha Bhuchar's 'The Trouble With Asian Men.'

      See it at the ADC Theatre, either in-person or as a livestream, at 11pm on Wed 23 or Thu 24 June.


      #theatre #verbatim

      ADC Theatre 11:37 on 16th June Twitter

      A few more in-person tickets have been released for the otherwise sold-out MEMENTO MORI!

      Get them before it's too late at

      ADC Theatre 10:01 on 16th June Twitter

      THE PARNASSUS PLAYERS is a student-written comedy about two playwrights trying to make it big in the time of Shakespeare

      Fri 25 – Sat 26 June at 11pm


      #comedy #newwriting @CUADC

      ADC Theatre 17:36 on 15th June Twitter

      Tonight is the opening night of the award-winning play CONSENT - there are still tickets for tonight's show, both in-person and as a livestream, which you can buy at

      #play #cambridge

      ADC Theatre 11:01 on 15th June Twitter

      The hilarious 'Little Shop of Horrors' is performing at the ADC Theatre next week!

      Tue 22 – Sat 26 June at 7.45pm, Saturday matinée at 2.30pm


      @CUMTS #musical #cambridge


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