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ADC Theatre 09:00 on 18th August Twitter

Wow! @RustTheMusical has been nominated for BEST Edinburgh Fringe show by @BroadwayWorldUK

If you've seen the show and loved it, vote for it here:…

#edfringe2019 #musical @CUMTS

ADC Theatre 15:05 on 17th August Twitter

Congratulations to ADC alumnus Sam Haygarth for receiving ★★★★ for his Edinburgh Fringe show CLIMATE CRISIS:…

#edfringe2019 #theatre @theskinnymag

ADC Theatre 09:00 on 17th August Twitter

Aus Dem Nichts Theatre present an evening of work in progress at the Corpus Playroom. See LET THE ACTRESS DIE and THE SHIP OF THESEUS on Saturday 7th September at 6pm.


#workinprogress #newwriting

ADC Theatre 17:10 on 16th August Twitter

"Setting THE COMEDY OF ERRORS in a birthday party adds a playfulness that feels perfect to the show" - Jess Murdoch, director

Just two weeks until the show previews at the ADC Theatre! Tickets available here:

#shakespeare #party

ADC Theatre 14:22 on 16th August Twitter

Tickets selling fast for THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS! Make sure to get yours before it's too late at…

ADC Theatre 13:47 on 16th August Twitter

Audition for the Spring production of OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD at the ADC Theatre!…

ADC Theatre 19:25 on 15th August Twitter

JSE Improv will be running a FREE improv workshop at the Cambridge Drama Festival! Make sure to come along at 11am on Saturday 7th September

Book in advance here:

@CamDramFest @JSEimprov #improv #theatre

ADC Theatre 12:00 on 15th August Twitter

There's a few ADC alumni performing in POSH, which is touring to @OxfordPlayhouse and @camartstheatre. Isobel Laidler played Rachel when she performed in Posh at the Corpus Playroom in 2016!…

@PoshonStage @Isobel_hl #posh #theatre

ADC Theatre 09:00 on 15th August Twitter

Good luck to everyone receiving their A-Level results!

If you are going to @Cambridge_Uni or @AngliaRuskin and want to be involved with student drama, then click here to find out more about the ADC Theatre:

#alevelresultsday2019 #alevelresults

ADC Theatre 19:01 on 14th August Twitter

The Cambridge Drama Festival is running a FREE playwriting workshop with Julia Bolden, at 11am on Saturday 7th September.

Sign up and get a ticket here:

@CamDramFest @seascribevenus

ADC Theatre 11:00 on 14th August Twitter

"We might not be twins, but we've been sharing mannerisms to appear that way..."

Shakespeare's COMEDY OF ERRORS, where two sets of twins get mistaken for each other, previews at the ADC on Friday 30th August!


@castcambridge #twin #shakespeare

ADC Theatre 09:10 on 14th August Twitter

Congrats to @_unexpecteditem for selling out their performances at the Edinburgh Fringe! See the show at Underbelly in August and then at the ADC for its home run in October


#edfringe2019 #musical

ADC Theatre 19:00 on 13th August Twitter

Nine teams from local drama groups will be competing in the CAMBRIDGE FESTIVAL OF DRAMA - like Bake Off but with theatre! Who will win?

See the shows between the 5th and 7th September 2019


#drama #festival

ADC Theatre 09:03 on 13th August Twitter

We found an entry for the ADC Theatre in a Penguin dictionary of Theatre from the 1960s...

We are proud to be in our 164th year of providing a space where students can learn theatre!

@PenguinBooks #theatre #cambridge

ADC Theatre 18:00 on 12th August Twitter

Shakespeare's COMEDY OF ERRORS, re-imagined as a wild birthday party, is previewing at the ADC before it tours the USA!

Fri 30 Aug at 7:45pm

@castcambridge #cast #shakespeare

ADC Theatre 13:06 on 12th August Twitter

Congratulations to Atri Banerjee for being nominated for The Stage Debut Award for Best Director! He has come far since his days directing plays at the ADC!

#DebutAwards #director…

ADC Theatre 16:48 on 22nd July Twitter

Do you want to see more varied theatre for less money?

All this week, you can see both @WRiTEONCam Stage Festival plays at each of our venues for 20% less!

ADC Theatre 15:33 on 22nd July Twitter

"It's a joy to be able to get these multi-faceted queer lives on stage talking about friendship, love, sex & meaning, & having a good old laugh along the way."

BLOOD MUSIC, one of @WRiTEONCam Festival plays, has been featured by @CambridgeNewsUK

ADC Theatre 18:30 on 18th July Twitter

It’s not easy being Red. Growing up on the edge of the woods, Red wants more from life.

RED RIDING HOOD, this year's @CUADC / @Cam_Footlights Panto, is now on sale. Snap up your tickets before the Big Bad Wolf gets there first!

ADC Theatre 16:25 on 18th July Twitter

Tonight is your last chance to catch COUCH CAST at the Corpus Playroom!

Written for the #MeToo era, COUCH CAST confronts the sordid world of sexual exploitation.

ADC Theatre 16:00 on 17th July Twitter

Our Autumn 2019 season goes on sale at 1pm tomorrow!

In this blog post, incoming Theatre Manager Jamie Rycroft reveals what the season has in store.

ADC Theatre 18:08 on 16th July Twitter

As our Summer Season closes with the @WRiTEONCam Stage Festival next week, we're excited to announce that our Autumn Season will go on sale on Thursday 18 July at 1pm!

Tickets will be available online, over the phone and at the box office.

ADC Theatre 18:38 on 15th July Twitter

We hope you enjoyed our series on each of the 6 @WRiTEONCam stage festival plays taking place across our venues next week.

Remember that when booking both plays at each venue, you can enjoy 20% off both tickets, and if you book for all six plays, you can enjoy 25% off!

ADC Theatre 19:00 on 14th July Twitter

The writer of today's featured @WRiTEONCam Stage Festival play, THE OFFENSIVE, is Aga Serugo-Lugo.

Aga is a musician who runs creative music workshops for schools and community groups around the country.

ADC Theatre 16:00 on 14th July Twitter

Today's featured @WRiTEONCam Stage Festival play is THE OFFENSIVE by Aga Serugo-Lugo.

Three gargoyles, believing themselves to be angels, sit atop a cathedral. Sleeping by day, they spend their nights debating their origins, desires, politics & purpose.

ADC Theatre 19:00 on 13th July Twitter

The writer of today's featured @WRiTEONCam Stage Festival play, ROLE PLAY, is James P Mannion.

James studied History at the University of Oxford and staged his first professional production in London last year.

ADC Theatre 16:00 on 13th July Twitter

Today's featured @WRiTEONCam Stage Festival play is ROLE PLAY by James P Mannion.

Married for years, John & Claire are stuck in a rut, with only experimentation to turn to. But those aren't their real names, & over time reality & fiction have blurred...

ADC Theatre 19:00 on 12th July Twitter

The writer of today's featured @WRiTEONCam Stage Festival play, BLOOD MUSIC, is James Stedman.

James writes regularly for the stage and he is also an improviser and founding member of the improvised theatre group @UnplannedM

ADC Theatre 16:00 on 12th July Twitter

Today's featured @WRiTEONCam Stage Festival play is BLOOD MUSIC by James Stedman.

With an eclectic soundtrack of nostalgia & new discoveries pumping the blood in their ears, four friends embark on a gently comic exploration of love, sex & meaning.

ADC Theatre 19:00 on 11th July Twitter

The writer of today's featured @WRiTEONCam Stage Festival play, SINK OR SWIM, is Kim Komljanec.

Kim is a bilingual playwright, dramaturg and theatre director. Her plays have been produced in Slovenia, the UK and the USA by theatres of all shapes and sizes.


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