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  • High School Musical is looking for: Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Publicity Designer - more details
  • Anna is looking for: Producer, Assistant producer , Production manager , Stage manager , Deputy stage manager , Assistant stage manager , Technician , Lighting designer , Sound designer , Set designer , Costume designer , Publicity designer - more details
  • Oh, What a Lovely War! is looking for: Stage Manager, Choreographer, Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Projection Designer, Make-up Artist - more details
  • A Chorus Line is looking for: Assistant Musical Director, Associate Director(s), Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager(s), Sound Designer, Set Designer (and/or Painter), Costume Designer, CLX, Head Carpenter, Trailer Cinematographer, Publicist - more details

ADC Theatre posted: ALTERNATE SLICES is a brand-new show opening at the #CorpusPlayroom next week, and we have an exclusive interview w…

18th July 2018 11:14am

ADC Theatre posted: ALTERNATE SLICES is an innovate new play about the effects of the tiniest decisions. Two years ago, Finola made a…

17th July 2018 3:18pm

ADC Theatre posted: The company of #HisDarkMaterials were filming the sections set in the Land of the Dead - here's a few rehearsal sho…

17th July 2018 11:05am

ADC Theatre posted: This week's improv show GODS & MONSTERS will feature mythology-themed songs by @JessicaTheLaw - have a listen to on…

16th July 2018 2:10pm

ADC Theatre posted: It's getting closer and closer to the opening night of #HisDarkMaterials at the Fitxzwilliam Museum! Tickets are s…

15th July 2018 12:55pm

ADC Theatre posted: HIS DARK MATERIALS is coming to the Fitzwilliam Museum in two weeks' time! Tickets available at…

13th July 2018 2:58pm

ADC Theatre posted: What's the easiest way to become a legend? Steal fire from the gods? Or build shoddy wings and fly too close to the…

13th July 2018 12:02pm

ADC Theatre posted: The team behind GODS AND MONSTERS are on @cambridge105 radio right now talking about their show! You can listen her…

13th July 2018 10:30am

ADC Theatre posted: Sometimes drama can be too convincing, like when the listeners of Orson Welles' radio show 'War of the Worlds' thou…

10th July 2018 4:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: There's only 13 tickets left for the final performance of #HisDarkMaterials at the Fitzwilliam Museum! Get your ti…

10th July 2018 2:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: GODS AND MONSTERS is a brand-new show at the #CorpusPlayroom next week exploring our need for myths and storytellin…

10th July 2018 10:45am

ADC Theatre posted: It's three weeks until our final #ADConTour show begins - HIS DARK MATERIALS is an epic, day-long adaptation of the…

6th July 2018 2:26pm

ADC Theatre posted: 'If thou more murmur'st, I will rend an oak And peg thee in his knotty entrails till Thou hast howl'd away twelve w…

5th July 2018 2:44pm

ADC Theatre posted: Our Pantomime, THE GINGERBREAD MAN, is going to be finger-lickin' good and ginger kicking food.…

3rd July 2018 4:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: Look at the beautiful publicity design for BLUE STOCKINGS! This incredible true story of the first female college…

2nd July 2018 4:45pm

ADC Theatre posted: GODS & MONSTERS is a devised shows exploring our needs for myths and storytelling. Will there be #gods in the show…

2nd July 2018 11:00am

ADC Theatre posted: Two clowns, from two different cultures. A CULTURAL EXCHANGE is a brand-new drama about the ways in which clowns f…

1st July 2018 1:21pm

ADC Theatre posted: ALTERNATE SLICES is a piece of new writing about the different directions that someone's life can take. See it thi…

29th June 2018 4:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: Have a look at this promo video for LITTLE SPARKS, opening at the #CorpusPlayroom next week!

29th June 2018 10:30am

ADC Theatre posted: The #Cambridge American Stage Tour visits venues in the USA every year and performs a #Shakespeare play. This year…

27th June 2018 2:38pm

ADC Theatre posted: We're excited to be hosting SUSPICIOUSLY CHEAP COMEDY for a third time on 16th October! Previous times we've had M…

26th June 2018 5:13pm

ADC Theatre posted: All the office fire wardens want in their life is a little danger... LITTLE SPARKS is the story of when this wish g…

26th June 2018 11:47am

ADC Theatre posted: If you missed the #Footlights Tour show, don't worry! You can catch it at the #ADCTheatre when it returns from its…

25th June 2018 10:30am

ADC Theatre posted: We only have one more #ADConTour show left - HIS DARK MATERIALS is taking place at the @FitzMuseum_UK, make sure to…

24th June 2018 5:20pm

ADC Theatre posted: Only two more chances to see EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION! Don't miss this ★★★★ play! (@TheatreFullStop) Tonig…

22nd June 2018 2:15pm

ADC Theatre posted: @JohannesHjorth took some lovely photos of the HIS DARK MATERIALS company in rehearsal! You can see more of them h…

22nd June 2018 12:15pm

ADC Theatre posted: EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION gets ★★★★ from @Theatrefullstop! Just 3 more chances to catch the show over at the…

21st June 2018 12:03pm

ADC Theatre posted: Have you got your tickets for WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE PANIC BROADCAST yet? Make sure to get them now at…

19th June 2018 12:57pm

ADC Theatre posted: @SteveSparrow1 Excellent! The Playroom has lots of great shows on next term - 'Lady Windermere's Fan', 'The House T…

19th June 2018 12:56pm


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