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ADC Theatre 14:00 on 16th September Twitter

🎪 "Come to the Funfair, follow the throng!" 🎪

Jamie and Luke, our Theatre Manager and Operations Manager, are having great fun testing out the CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG set ahead of the @CamPiedPipers' Tech Rehearsal tonight!

ADC Theatre 09:30 on 16th September Twitter

We're thrilled to launch the poster for @BrickhouseTC's upcoming production of Terence Rattigan's THE DEEP BLUE SEA!

One of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century, the play offers a portrait of a woman steeped in need, loneliness, and a long-repressed passion.

ADC Theatre 09:10 on 15th September Twitter

We found this old picture online of F.C. Burnand, the founder of Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club! The club was founded in 1855 and still operates in the ADC Theatre to this day

This image belongs to @ExploreWellcome


ADC Theatre 09:30 on 14th September Twitter

Thank you to @ETCInc for these excellent posters explaining the fundamentals of lighting design!

We look forward to a season of brilliant lighting designs this autumn...

ADC Theatre 18:16 on 13th September Twitter

After a turbulent first flight through the stage traps, our Chitty has made it onto stage!

Book your tickets to see her in action in less than a week's time at 🚗

ADC Theatre 14:15 on 12th September Twitter

Each Mainshow at the ADC Theatre has its own show cocktail. Here are all the ones for Autumn term: can you guess which show matches which cocktail?


ADC Theatre 11:10 on 9th September Twitter

Just amazing - RUST the musical won BEST MUSICAL at the Edinburgh Fringe at the Derek Awards!

If you missed it, see its home run at the ADC Theatre between the 13th and 16th November.


@derekawards1 @RustTheMusical #musical #edfringe

ADC Theatre 11:10 on 8th September Twitter

The poster is on display for THE CHAIR, a chilling ghost story taking place at the Corpus Playroom next week.

Tickets available here:

#ghost #chair

ADC Theatre 09:10 on 8th September Twitter

Did you know that the ADC has an archive in the Cambridge University Library?

It's filled with fascinating tidbits of the history of the theatre, including this poster of a show in 1986!

@TheUL #archive #library

ADC Theatre 19:00 on 7th September Twitter

"Is that all you do, Mr. Potts? Invent things?"

Rehearsals are going down a treat for @CamPiedPipers' Caractacus Potts and Truly Scrumptious. We can't wait to see them in full costume in less than two weeks time!

ADC Theatre 14:00 on 7th September Twitter

Don't miss the last day of the Cambridge Drama Festival, with performances today at 2.30pm and 7.45pm!


@camdramnet #festival…

ADC Theatre 13:07 on 6th September Twitter

"Nasty smellin' things, motor cars!"

Several almost ran us over in the process, but the banner for @CamPiedPipers's upcoming production of CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG is up!

ADC Theatre 10:59 on 4th September Twitter

Tickets available for the Cambridge Festival of Drama here:…

ADC Theatre 19:10 on 3rd September Twitter

The book SO YOU WANT TO BE A THEATRE PRODUCER? by @JamesSeabright has a dedication to @CUADC (the resident company at the ADC Theatre) on its opening page!

#producer #theatre

ADC Theatre 11:45 on 1st September Twitter

Under a week until the Cambridge Festival of Drama! Have you got your tickets yet? And which of the local dramatic groups around Cambridge will win the coveted awards?

Thu 3 to Sat 5 September


#drama #festival

ADC Theatre 09:10 on 1st September Twitter

The classic tale of THE ANCIENT MARINER is being retold as a powerful drama at the Corpus Playroom.

Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th October



ADC Theatre 11:05 on 31st August Twitter

That is a wrap for THE COMEDY OF ERRORS and their preview at the ADC! They'll now be touring the USA before they return here for their home run.

Tue 8 to Sat 12 October


@castcambridge #cambridge #shakespeare

ADC Theatre 23:46 on 30th August Twitter

Spooky... this piece of lighting gel has the letters LX burned into it? Some say the ADC is haunted, perhaps this is proof...

#lx #lighting #gel #blue #haunted #spooky #horror…

ADC Theatre 17:35 on 30th August Twitter

While tidying the office we've found a whole variety of ADC season brochures, past and present... #brochure #archive #theatre #play #show #adc #student #cambridge #comedy #drama #dance @ ADC Theatre…

ADC Theatre 09:00 on 23rd August Twitter

We can't wait to welcome back @BalletCentral to the ADC for THE NUTCRACKER this December! Have a look at some footage from their show last year here:…

Tickets available here:

#ballet #nutcracker

ADC Theatre 09:15 on 22nd August Twitter

Congratulations to the Footlights Tour show for selling out performances at the Edinburgh Fringe! They will be doing a home run in October at the ADC, make sure to get yours online here:

@FootlightsTour #edfringe #comedy

ADC Theatre 14:15 on 21st August Twitter

We've sold nearly 1,000 tickets for this year's Pantomime RED RIDING HOOD! Presented by CUADC and the Cambridge Footlights, this show is the highlight of our Autumn so get tickets before it's too late!

@CUADC @Cam_Footlights #panto #footlights

ADC Theatre 09:30 on 21st August Twitter

The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences present THE APARTMENT, an improvised comedy-drama about the ups and downs of apartment life.

Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th September


@UnplannedM #improv #comedy


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