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ADC Theatre 17:30 on 12th December Twitter

We've been looking through our archive and found this cheeky entry from the 1994 Bar Book @RealDMitchell is this you by any chance?

ADC Theatre 11:58 on 7th December Twitter

Ever wondered how improv shows develop? Carla Keen, Director of 'What Happened to Tomorrow?', offers an insight into a trick used to create intriguing characters, delightful scenes, and even build a whole world...

ADC Theatre 17:00 on 2nd December Twitter

The team behind our upcoming Corpus Playroom show, 'Christmas, A Carol', are appearing on @cambridge105 at 10.30 tomorrow morning!

Have a listen to their interview and get your tickets here at

ADC Theatre 14:00 on 2nd December Twitter

They say the street finds its own use for things, especially in a world where technology has caused a shift in the social order.

Join @UnplannedM as they tell the stories of the other side of tomorrow at the Corpus Playroom, 13 – 15 December.…

ADC Theatre 17:00 on 1st December Twitter

In this blog post, a cast member of 'Christmas, A Carol' tells us all about the process of creating the show from start to finish.…

ADC Theatre 12:00 on 1st December Twitter

Time upon a once, a man called Dickens Charles wrote 'Carol, A Christmas', the story untold true about the heroes real of his officially published 'A Christmas Carol'.

Catch this tale of parody, poetry and purgatory at the #corpusplayroom next week!…

ADC Theatre 17:00 on 30th November Twitter

Looking forward to our ghostly festive play, 'The Girl in the Glass'?

You can hear playwright Sean Lang speak about his inspiration for the play and its history tomorrow at Cambridge Central Library!

Sean will be speaking at 2pm in the 3rd Floor Conference Room.

ADC Theatre 15:00 on 30th November Twitter

Sign up to steward 'The Nutcracker' and see this sold-out @balletcentral masterpiece for free!

Sign up at

ADC Theatre 13:11 on 30th November Twitter

Cambridge's most wholesome Drag Collective return to the #adctheatre tonight to present their most fabulous performance yet!

Get your tickets for this XXX-MAS Extravaganza now!

ADC Theatre 17:44 on 19th November Twitter

The best way to prep for the get-in of CUADC/ Footlights Panto: The Gingerbread Man: Making little ADC gingerbread biscuits of course!…

ADC Theatre 14:00 on 12th November Twitter

Izzy Collie-Cousins speaks in this interview about the experience of Directing this week's Corpus Playroom Mainshow, 'The Last of the Haussmans', and about what audiences can expect from the play.

ADC Theatre 11:35 on 12th November Twitter

Producing 'Mosquitoes'

In this blog post, Giorgio Ragozzino tells all about the experience of Producing this year's CUADC Freshers' Mainshow, 'Mosquitoes'.

Have a read to find out all about the production process and snap up some tickets!…

ADC Theatre 18:00 on 11th November Twitter

Dealing with the legacy of the 1960s and the Baby Boomer generation, 'The Last of the Haussmans' captures the spirit of a generation and opens tomorrow at the Corpus Playroom.

ADC Theatre 12:00 on 11th November Twitter

1918. The war is over. Don Juan feels like the last man standing.

'Don Juan Comes Back from the War', van Horváth’s visceral tale of the aftermath of the First World War, opens on Wednesday.

ADC Theatre 18:00 on 10th November Twitter

Reconciling the falsely segregated worlds of science and art, and with a keen focus on women in STEM, 'Mosquitoes' opens at the #adctheatre on Tuesday night!

ADC Theatre 20:00 on 7th November Twitter

What time is it? Tickets time!

'High School Musical' opens tonight, and it's selling fast!

Get'cha head in the game and book yours at

ADC Theatre 17:33 on 7th November Twitter

Our production of Mike Bartlett's 'King Charles III' opened last night.

Time to do as His Majesty says and get your tickets for the rest of the run - they're selling fast!

ADC Theatre 18:24 on 6th November Twitter

London Bridge is Burning Down.

Ever wondered what will happen when the Queen dies? Missed that Guardian long read last March?

Come find out at 'King Charles III', this week's #adctheatre mainshow - we open in just over an hour!

ADC Theatre 11:00 on 27th October Twitter

Oliver and Heather seemed perfect for each other, until the emergence of the mysterious and alluring Anna and the beginning of a turbulent love affair.

Don't miss this circus adaptation of an original play, Wed 31 October - Sat 3 November @ 11pm!

ADC Theatre 16:41 on 24th October Twitter

Part-written, part-devised, RIBS is an ambitious production telling the story of cultural resistance in 1950s Soviet Russia and opens at 11pm at the #adctheatre tonight!

ADC Theatre 11:59 on 23rd October Twitter

Shakespeare, mobsters and a lot of steel beams.

Richard III opens tonight! Head to the #adctheatre this week to see Shakespearean political drama meet gangster thriller

ADC Theatre 17:00 on 19th October Twitter

A dark comedy about capital punishment, David W. Christner's 'This Blood's For You' opens at the Corpus Playroom on Tuesday, with all profits going to @PRTuk

ADC Theatre 17:00 on 18th October Twitter

"Sin will pluck on sin"

Political drama meets gangster-thriller, @CUADC's re-adaptation of 'Richard III' sees Shakespeare's least redeeming character seamlessly slot into the role of a scheming mobster, and opens next week.

ADC Theatre 16:10 on 17th October Twitter

Student Applications are now open for our Spring Season at the ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom!

Head to our website for more info and to apply!

Deadline: Thu 25 October, 1pm

ADC Theatre 17:00 on 16th October Twitter

The team behind this week's mainshow, 'The Children's Hour', is holding a pre-show discussion on Thursday night in association with @cusulgbt

Come along to the ADC bar at 6pm to hear more about the themes and significance of this powerful play.

ADC Theatre 17:00 on 16th October Twitter

The Cambridge @Impronauts all-new show puts you, the audience member, in ultimate control of Agatha Christie-themed action, as you watch an improvised murder mystery story with one horrifying twist: you get the chance to decide who the killer is!

ADC Theatre 17:31 on 15th October Twitter

Merging the boundaries between delusion and reality, theatre and film, 'I'm Having a Wonderful Time in Baden-Baden' offers a comical, poignant and innovative take on how we communicate when we're on our own.

Don't miss this week's Corpus Playroom Lateshow!

ADC Theatre 16:49 on 15th October Twitter

Following a successful tour around China, South Korea and Japan, 'Lady Windermere's Fan' opens at the Corpus Playroom tomorrow evening!

Get your tickets at

ADC Theatre 16:36 on 15th October Twitter

Lillian Hellman's 'The Children's Hour' was banned when it was published due to its controversial depiction of female homosexuality. Tomorrow, it opens at the ADC Theatre!

ADC Theatre 12:00 on 15th October Twitter

Run run run as fast as you can ... We've released more tickets for 'The Gingerbread Man'!

Grab a ticket to this year's CUADC/Footlights Pantomime before they're all gone!


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