Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio

The Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio is a black-box drama studio located in the basement of the English Faculty.

Please see the English Faculty Drama Studio website for further information.

Get involved with shows at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio:
Beyond the Trigger: researching performance, trauma, & teaching

If you have any interest in the questions we're exploring in the *Beyond the Trigger* programme - from any perspective - then you're very welcome to join us for discussing, creating, workshopping, and performing. You might be interested in the project as an actor, or as a director , or as a stage manager , or as a sound designer  - or from any other point of view. You might be keen to create and share your material, or simply to unpack and reflect on what the group as a whole are thinking about. All are welcome. To find out more about when the next sessions are happening and what they involve, visit, or email

    Contact before 15th Mar 2024 19:00 for more details.


    • Sun 10 Mar
    • Mon 11 Mar
    • Tue 12 Mar
    • Wed 13 Mar
    • Thu 14 Mar
    • Fri 15 Mar
    • Sat 16 Mar

    Past shows

    See all the shows that have been performed here at the venue history page.