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Mumford Theatre 18:41 on 27th July Twitter

Today we have another Spoken Word piece written and performed by Alisa Grokhovskaya titled NIGHT STREAM.
#SpokenWord #SpeakYourMind #MumfordOnline #Poetry #BlackandWhite

Mumford Theatre 21:48 on 17th July Twitter

Spoken word can be long or short. Spoken word has a lot to say about the world around you. A seed which grew into a beautiful rose. #SpokenWord…

Mumford Theatre 10:04 on 14th July Twitter

Today we have actor Alex Bloch reading an exert from The Prophet titles On Self Knowledge as a part of our Spoken Word Month #SpeakYourMind #PoetryOnline #SpokenWord

Mumford Theatre 11:24 on 10th July Twitter

THE SHOW MUST GO ON. A poem written and performed by 2nd year Performing Arts student at ARU SJ Walter for Spoken Word Month #SpeakYourMind
Videography by Andrew AB Photography #SpokenWord @ARUCreative #TheShowMustGoOn

Mumford Theatre 09:56 on 6th July Twitter

I SEE YOU KID. Written and performed by Performing-Arts Manager Charlie Abrahamson for Spoken Word Month #SpeakYourMind @ARUCreative @AngliaRuskin

Mumford Theatre 21:41 on 3rd July Twitter

Today we have 2nd Year ARU Performing Arts student Lindsay Booth reading Charlie Cooks Favourite Book for the Mumford Online's STORY TIME. This is a much loved book from author Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.
#StoryTime #MumfordOnline…

Mumford Theatre 14:50 on 3rd July Twitter

Looking forward to being a part of this again on Wednesday! All AHSS students and staff welcome :)…

Mumford Theatre 13:47 on 1st July Twitter

In case you missed it earlier - here is SJ WALTER and Lindsay Booth ending the Lunchtime Concerts of summer. Enjoy!

Mumford Theatre 12:28 on 1st July Twitter

This is your half hour call to watch the last of the LUNCHTIME CONCERT SERIES for Summer!! Jump on at 1pm to watch Lindsay and SJ singing their hearts out! @ARUCreative @CambsMusic #MusicOnline #LunchtimeConcert #GigOnline #Hadestown #MyFairLady

Mumford Theatre 11:25 on 1st July Twitter


Mumford Theatre 20:44 on 30th June Twitter

Jess Aquilina brings AMOUR to the table for Film Club this afternoon. A moving and beautiful film that everyone should watch. Bringing a little bit of French Romance to us this afternoon.
#FilmClub #MovieMonth #Amour #FrenchFilm #MumfordOnline…

Mumford Theatre 13:04 on 30th June Twitter

Review number 4 comes from Charlie Abrahamson. She has a 3 year old and most of her film choices end up being children's film. Today she chose MONSTER FAMILY to share with Film Club.
#MonsterFamily #MovieReview #MumfordTheatre #MumfordOnline #FamilyFilm…

Mumford Theatre 11:32 on 30th June Twitter

Film review number 3 today with FILM CLUB comes from Aaron Phinehas Peters with his selection of LARS AND THE REAL GIRL. A must watch for anyone who wants a big cry!!
#FilmClub #MovieMonth #LarsAndTheRealGirl #RyanGosling #MumfordOnline…

Mumford Theatre 11:04 on 30th June Twitter

TOMORROW AT 1pm - ARU 2nd Year Musical Theatre students Lindsay Booth and SJ Walter are performing in our final Lunchtime Concert of this series with some of their favourite musical numbers. Join us at 1pm for an hour of fun @ARUCreative @CambsMusic

Mumford Theatre 10:25 on 30th June Twitter

Another one from FILM CLUB with Aaron, Adrian, Jess and Charlie as Adrian talks about the wonderful film that is PARASITE. Apparently everyone needs to watch it - you can rent it on YouTube now so why not give it a watch yourself?
#FilmClub #MovieMonth…

Mumford Theatre 08:56 on 30th June Twitter

Today we have 6 films from Film Club with @ronnyronxD , Adrian Klein, @jessicaquilina_ and Charlie Abrahamson. Join as they review trailers of films. Our first one is TEEN WITCH

#FilmClub #MovieMonth…

Mumford Theatre 11:03 on 29th June Twitter

As we go into the final few days of #MovieMonth we have a final #1MinuteReview from Glenn Criddle, Chief Technician of the Mumford Theatre, with his review on THREADS.
#Threads #NuclearWarFilm #Sheffield #MovieReview #MumfordTheatre #WarDrama…

Mumford Theatre 11:12 on 28th June Twitter

Happy Pride Weekend everyone! Today we would like to share with you THE LIFE AND DEATH OF MARSHA P. JOHNSON for #MovieMonth. This is a wonderful documentary which looks into this amazing person's life, and the mysterious death that occurred.

Mumford Theatre 17:12 on 26th June Twitter

For today's story time we have Performing-Arts Manager of the Mumford Theatre, Charlie Abrahamson, back again for another fun story for all families online for free!! @ARUCreative
#StoryTime #MumfordOnline #PrincessAndThePea #BedtimeStory #Under5

Mumford Theatre 14:36 on 26th June Twitter

Double Trouble Friday! We have 2nd year ARU student Aaron Clifford bringing us this brilliant swede version of the banquet scene in SHREK 2 for #MovieMonth! @ARUCreative
#ShrekII #SwededMovie #MovieSwede #SillyVideo #FunnyVideo

Mumford Theatre 10:57 on 26th June Twitter

Today we have Simona Trombetta with her swede version of THE RING for #MovieMonth. Please note there may be scenes some may find a bit scary!
#SwededMovie #TheRing #TheRingSwede #Swede #HorrorMovie #ScarySwede #Horror #Thriller

Mumford Theatre 10:25 on 25th June Twitter

Today we have Simona Trombetta with her swede version of SAW II. Please note there are scenes that some may find distressing, as in keeping with the film.
#MovieMonth #MumfordOnline #SwededMovie #MovieSwede #SawII

Mumford Theatre 18:26 on 24th June Twitter

Today we were due to have a Live Stream with ARU Music Student Sara Calvalho but due to unforeseen circumstances and technical difficulties we were unable to go live. Here we have a recording instead! Enjoy! @ARUCreative @CambsMusic #MumfordOnline…

Mumford Theatre 12:38 on 24th June Twitter

Hello all - due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to stream today's Lunchtime Concert with Sara Clavalho. We are hoping to have her back again in a few weeks but for now, we will aim to get some music out this afternoon from Sara as a little substitute for you.

Mumford Theatre 11:04 on 24th June Twitter

Today we have Sion Emyr bringing us a swede of TITANIC using all the lego and duplo in his house for #MovieMonth with the Mumford Theatre Online!

#TitanicSwede #SwededMovie #MumfordTheatre #MumfordOnline…

Mumford Theatre 10:49 on 24th June Twitter

A truly beautiful piece of theatre - catch it before it's gone!!! @NTLive…

Mumford Theatre 13:15 on 23rd June Twitter

We have a busy one today! With everything else, we also have 2nd year ARU Drama student Leila Price bringing us this well-loved children's film HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON as a swede! Enjoy! #MovieMonth #SwededMovie #MumfordTheatre @ARUCreative…


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