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Mumford Theatre 12:44 on 3rd June Twitter

LIVE IN 15 minutes from with JAMES PEARSON “A Brief History Of Jazz”

Mumford Theatre 11:22 on 3rd June Twitter

Today we have a #1MinuteReview from 2nd year Drama student Leila Price reviewing the 2015 film THE LITTLE PRINCE for #MovieMonth @ARUCreative #FamilyFilm

Mumford Theatre 10:30 on 3rd June Twitter

Today at 1pm on the Vimeo link below - are you all there…

Mumford Theatre 14:29 on 2nd June Twitter

Black lives matter. Stand together. Hand in hand.

Mumford Theatre 12:15 on 2nd June Twitter

Performing Arts Manager Charlie Abrahamson couldn’t resist getting involved with #MovieMonth by creating her very own version of the intro to FOOTLOOSE one of her all time favourite movies! @ARUCreative #SwededMovie #Footloose #ParamountPictures #MumfordTheatre

Mumford Theatre 11:52 on 2nd June Twitter

Lunchtime concert is back again tomorrow with the incredibly talented James Pearson, Artistic Director of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club! He will be performing a ‘Brief History of Jazz’ tomorrow at 1pm from our Vimeo account. Keep an eye out tomorrow for the link @ARUCreative

Mumford Theatre 09:01 on 1st June Twitter

Today we kick off #MovieMonth with Mumford Theatre’s Chief Technician Glenn Criddle, with his #1MinuteReview of THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI @ARUCreative
Throughout this month we will be bringing you reviews, sweded movies and articles all around films. Drop us a DM and join in

Mumford Theatre 13:27 on 31st May Twitter

As we come to the end of #MusicalMay we want to end on celebrating all Musicals - so we have asked Kenneth Comedy Trio to share with us their A-Z Musical Quiz. Can you guess all of the song titles from A-Z and the musicals they come from? @ARUCreative…

Mumford Theatre 13:08 on 30th May Twitter

Today we have 4 members of the cast of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS which was performed in December 2019. SJ and Lindsay playing AUDREY and Lisa and Rose playing AUDREY II #MusicalMay @ARUCreative #LittleShopOfHorrors #Audrey #AudreyII

Mumford Theatre 17:22 on 29th May Twitter

Welcome to another Story Time as a part of the Mumford Theatre Online's free events. Today we have Performing-Arts Manager Charlie Abrahamson reading an extra from JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. We hope you enjoy! @ARUCreative #Storytime #MumfordTheatre…

Mumford Theatre 11:52 on 29th May Twitter

Today we see the return of 2nd Year ARU Musical Theatre student Lisa Blunt performing NO WAY (Catherine of Aregon as never seen before...) from SIX: THE MUSICAL for #MusicalMay @ARUCreative #musicalTheatre #SIX #NoWay #CatherineOfArgeon

Mumford Theatre 12:28 on 28th May Twitter

Today we have 3rd year Drama and Film student Ellie Tate performing a song out of her comfort zone for #MusicalMay. She has chosen DYIN AINT SO BAD from BONNIE AND CLYDE @ARUCreative #BonnieandClyde #MusicalTheatre #MumfordTheatre #MusicalsOnline #Harmonies

Mumford Theatre 16:53 on 27th May Twitter

Did you miss it earlier? Not to worry it’s ready on repeat for you!! 30 minutes of Musical Theatre powerhouse songs, conversations around empowering women in theatre and a bit of a giggle. Enjoy @ARUCreative #LiveConcert #GigOnline…

Mumford Theatre 12:02 on 27th May Twitter

Today at 1pm we go live with @fitz_meggie and @LeanneFaith92 for LUNCHTIME CONCERT LIVE - today we have some powerhouse MUSICAL THEATRE numbers! Join us on our Vimeo account @ARUCreative in 1 hours time!!

Mumford Theatre 11:02 on 27th May Twitter

For today we have sisters Holly and Charlotte Sanders from @BedfordGirlsSch performing WHAT IS THIS FEELING from WICKED as a part of #MusicalMay with permission from their parents. @ARUCreative #MusicalTheatre #Musicals #Community

Mumford Theatre 18:45 on 26th May Twitter

We have @fitz_meggie and @LeanneFaith92 performing a Lunchtime Concert from our Vimeo account at 1pm. Megan & Leanne created @EMPOWhERconcert and we are delighted this female powerhouse are joining us tomorrow for some MUSICAL CLASSICS @ARUCreative

Mumford Theatre 15:14 on 26th May Twitter

We challenged Megan Fitzpatrick to perform a song with BSL. SHE USED TO BE MINE from WAITRESS. Megan studied Musical Theatre at Mountview and has a talent crush on Sara Bareilles! Sheilding at home and can't wait to sing again with her all female cabaret group EMPOW(h)ER

Mumford Theatre 09:16 on 26th May Twitter

This morning we bring you the wonderfully talented @LisaBridge123 and @AdmiralCostumes with one of their #IsolationMusicals videos as a part of #MusicalMay. They have chosen RAIN ON THE ROOF from FOLLIES. Lisa is currently ensemble and understudy in Only Fools and Horses.

Mumford Theatre 11:40 on 24th May Twitter

Today we challenged 3rd year Musical Theatre student Emily Faithorn to perform 16 bars from a song in a movie musical. She has chosen SHALLOW from A STAR IS BORN for #MusicalMay #MusicalTheatre #Shallow #AStarIsBorn @ARUCreative

Mumford Theatre 18:32 on 23rd May Twitter

DOUBLE TROUBLE SATURDAY - we have a second video for you today from Rose Tcatzuk performing GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE from HAIRSPRAY fro #MusicalMay @ARUCreative #MusicalTheatre #TheatreOnline #Hairspray

Mumford Theatre 11:40 on 23rd May Twitter

The challenge of the day - a song that makes you feel badass! Thank you to 2nd Year Musical Theatre ARU student Lindsay Booth for bringing us SO MUCH BETTER from LEGALLY BLONDE. @ARUCreative #MusicalMay #MusicalTheatre #LegallyBlonde #MusicalMonth @AngliaRuskin

Mumford Theatre 07:20 on 23rd May Twitter

If you missed it last night here is our Story Tome again. 5 minutes of chill time for you parents and carers… @ARUCreative @AngliaRuskin #StoryTime #Cambridge #MumfordTheatre

Mumford Theatre 11:15 on 22nd May Twitter

Today we have a really special performance from our friends at Redford School of Speech and Drama. They have chosen to create a video in support of our NHS at this strange and difficult time. Enjoy! #MusicalMay #SaveTheNHS @ARUCreative…

Mumford Theatre 13:58 on 21st May Twitter

Did you miss @ChayChay9 yesterday for our LIVE online Lunchtime Concert? Not to worry - we have it saved for you here!!

Mumford Theatre 11:12 on 21st May Twitter

Today we have Laura Saunders performing for #MusicalMay. We challenged her to choose a song from her favourite composer and she chose STEPHEN SONDHEIM with GETTING MARRIED TODAY from COMPANY. Laura’s fiancé filmed this and assures is this won’t be happening on their wedding day

Mumford Theatre 12:32 on 20th May Twitter

Today we have insanely talented @RebeccaBaileyyy performing HOW FAR I’LL GO from MOANA. We challenged her to sing any Lin Manuel-Miranda song and decided on this beauty. Head on over to… to watch the whole video! @ARUCreative #MusicalMay

Mumford Theatre 09:03 on 20th May Twitter

Today at 1pm we have CHAY APPLEYARD @ChayChay9 performing LIVE over on our Vimeo channel. Head on over to - @ARUCreative @CambsMusic #LiveStream #LiveMusic #Guitarist #Singersongwriter

Mumford Theatre 07:13 on 20th May Twitter

Our friends at @AdmiralCostumes have cool party boxes available. Support local people, they really will do a happy little dance with every purchase! #supportlocal #supportlocalBusiness #costumier…

Mumford Theatre 18:03 on 19th May Twitter

Tomorrow we have singer songwriter Chay Appleyard @ChayChay9 performing for our weekly Lunchtime Concert Online with @ARUCreative keep an eye out more morning for the link to our concert at 1pm!


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