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Mumford Theatre 19:13 on 12th November Twitter

To be or not to be? The annual @SSF_UK Shakespeare Schools Festival is here - We are sold out for today and tomorrow but there are still handful of tickets left for Wednesday! Get yours quickly. . . when they're gone, they're gone! -->…

Mumford Theatre 17:48 on 9th November Twitter

Anyone who didn't get a ticket for our sold out Shakespeare Schools Festival next week? We have been able to release few tickets back to sale but you got to be fast! Go and get your tickets online n-o-w before they're gone! -->

Mumford Theatre 17:30 on 9th November Twitter

Join us next week for Shakespeare plays, concert performances, and opera. For more info:

Mumford Theatre 17:15 on 8th November Twitter

We are looking forward to tomorrow's free lunchtime concert at 1:10pm! Guitarist Chanan Hanspal, drummer Oscar Reynolds, and electric bassist Matt Duduryn, will be playing pieces from Chanan’s new CD album 'Only Two Things Are Infinite', More info at:

Mumford Theatre 15:35 on 7th November Twitter

Did you get your invitation? Bet you have never been to a wedding where the bride, groom, best man and bridesmaids are all world-class dancers! 'The Knot' TONIGHT at @MumfordTheatre at 7:30pm - to reserve a good seat please go to: or call us 01223 352 932

Mumford Theatre 17:30 on 6th November Twitter

You're invited to a completely different wedding celebration where the bride, groom, best man and bridesmaids are all world-class dancers and audience members are the wedding guests. 'The Knot' tomorrow at 7:30pm - Check out your invitation here:

Mumford Theatre 16:23 on 5th November Twitter

This tour is becoming to an end. To Have to Shoot Irishmen tonight at @MumfordTheatre at 7:30pm - Come and join us after the fireworks when you still can!…

Mumford Theatre 17:30 on 1st November Twitter

The day after tomorrow you have the chance to attend to an Edwardian Magic Show that uses Magic Lantern and projected animation, with political conjuring tricks, and live music and song, based on the classic novel 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' -->

Mumford Theatre 17:45 on 31st October Twitter

November starts with three very different productions! Welcome on stage an Edwardian Magic Show 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists', a stirring tale of militarism 'To Have to Shoot Irishmen', and a different kind of wedding celebration 'The Knot' -->

Mumford Theatre 15:00 on 30th October Twitter

TONIGHT! Seven Ages seeks to explore two of the most important questions in life: Why am I here? And What’s important in my life?, whilst simultaneously making you laugh. Whatever stage of life you’re at, you’ll love this show!
Get your tickets at:

Mumford Theatre 17:30 on 29th October Twitter

Last show of this month!
Seven Ages seeks to explore two of the most important questions in life: Why am I here? And What’s important in my life?, whilst simultaneously making you laugh. Whatever stage of life you’re at, you’ll love this show. More info:

Mumford Theatre 19:06 on 28th October Twitter

Tonight is your chance but you need to hurry, we start in 25min!…

Mumford Theatre 16:00 on 26th October Twitter

She’s grotesque. A possessive beast of a woman, to be sure. But look on the bright side, Beau: she's got a lovely personality. Somewhere. Under all the fur. . .
'Beauty and the Beast: A Musical Parody' on Saturday & Sunday at 7:30pm.
Book online now:

Mumford Theatre 16:30 on 25th October Twitter

Supported by the Anglia Ruskin Arts Council,this series of free Lunchtime Concerts is a highlight of Cambridge's musical calendar. Tomorrow we are looking forward to hear John Fistein's (cello) and Patrick Hemmerlé's (piano) Cello Sonatas. More

Mumford Theatre 13:40 on 25th October Twitter

Early sneak peek to one of our December shows!…

Mumford Theatre 16:45 on 24th October Twitter

See Beauty and the Beast: A Musical Parody before it goes to London...
and at a fraction of the price!

Get your tickets before they sell out:

Mumford Theatre 14:45 on 23rd October Twitter


“Benson and Lane’s impersonations are peerless, the show an absolute treat from start to finish. Wonderful stuff!” – Daily Mail

More information and tickets:

Mumford Theatre 17:05 on 22nd October Twitter

Join us tomorrow for an evening of classic radio episodes featuring favourite lines, cherished characters and great feats of vocal impersonation presented by double Fringe First Award winner David Benson and Jack Lane. Take a quick look at the trailer

Mumford Theatre 11:00 on 20th October Twitter

It's a show night tonight!

‘A Child’s Christmas, Poems and Tiger Eggs by Dylan Thomas’ tonight at 7:30pm!
Take a look at the production here:

Mumford Theatre 13:58 on 19th October Twitter

A brand new ballet by award-winning Welsh Dance Company Ballet Cymru, narrated by Cerys Matthews. 'A Child's Christmas, Poems and Tiger Eggs' tomorrow in Mumford! Get your tickets today from:

Mumford Theatre 16:30 on 17th October Twitter

Like Dylan Thomas’ other autobiographical writings, 'A Child’s Christmas in Wales' is packed with details that vividly illustrate what life was like for a child growing up in Wales between the world wars. More information and tickets for this Saturday:

Mumford Theatre 16:31 on 16th October Twitter

Two very different but equally exciting performances in Mumford now! On Saturday we have the pleasure to step into the world of 'A Child's Christmas, Poems and Tiger Eggs by Dylan Thomas', and on Tuesday witness three classic radio episodes in 'Dad's Army Radio Hour'!

Mumford Theatre 16:30 on 12th October Twitter

Three performances behind but many more to come! In this month we have a variety of shows featuring live digital interaction, ballet, storytelling and music. To find more about becoming performances, go to:

Mumford Theatre 16:30 on 9th October Twitter

Following the success of yesterday's performance the Flop, we are looking forward to welcome Flintlock Theatre and their production 'An Enemy of the People' next Monday 15 October! More information at: Also, don't forget our weekly lunchtime concerts!

Mumford Theatre 15:47 on 8th October Twitter

Want to see theatre tonight?
Come and join us for 'The Flop' at 7:30pm provided by Hijinx / Spymonkey Theatre!
For a quick sneak peek, go to: and get your tickets at: - see you tonight!

Mumford Theatre 16:01 on 5th October Twitter

Featured in The Guardian Guide's '5 of the best shows' (July 2018), 'The Fishermen' by New Perspectives Theatre Company can be seen tomorrow at Mumford Theatre at 7:30pm. Visit their channel for a sneak peek:

Mumford Theatre 16:43 on 4th October Twitter

Two actors play 25 characters in this brilliant staging of three classic radio episodes based on favourite scripts from the original TV series. 'Dad's Army Radio Hour' at Mumford on Tuesday 23 October! Get your tickets here:

Mumford Theatre 16:59 on 3rd October Twitter

Award-winning dance company Ballet Cymru presents a sparkling and refreshing new ballet production of the Dylan Thomas classic A Child’s Christmas in Wales, with music by Mason Neely and Wales’ own icon Cerys Matthews. Tickets and more info: