Pembroke New Cellars

BB Staircase, Pembroke College, Trumpington St, CB2 1RF

College: Pembroke

Pembroke Players’ primary performance space: perhaps the most versatile student theatre in Cambridge, it offers an intimate setting with maximum flexibility for staging, and comfortably seats 80-100.

New Cellars is best accessed by Pembroke College Porters’ Lodge. Once inside, turn right and follow the path round by the library clock tower and towards the modern Foundress Court.

New Cellars is part of the basement of this building; use the lift or turn clockwise down the steps in BB staircase to reach the auditorium.

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Get involved with shows at Pembroke New Cellars:
BLINK - Intimacy Officer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Set Designer needed!

Week 3 Pembroke New Cellars Main Show - Blink - is in need of a prod team! We are looking for: Intimacy Officer, Lighting Designer , Sound Designer , Set Designer 

    Contact and before 14th Oct 2023 23:59 for more details.

    We are opening auditions for Week 5 Late show MY EYES ARE NOT SCABS!!

    We are now opening auditions for 'My Eyes Are Not Scabs', a collection of experimental avant-garde scripts first written and performed by Jeff Nuttall and The People Show amidst the countercultural fervour of the 1960s! We plan to make this a really ambitious production in terms of its experimentation, so if you're looking to get into something a little more avant-garde and surreal (or if you simply want to scream into another actor's face/ hack at a fake piece of their leg/ bluster in and out of the audience/ throw fake blood around etc), this is the show for you!

      Contact and before 1st Oct 2023 23:59 for more details.

      Summer with Monika needs an actor !!

      Summer with Monika is an exploration of what it means to love, be loved and subsequently experience the loss that was in some ways inevitable, but no less painful. AND WE NEED A CENTRAL ACTOR !!

      • Tue 26th Sep, 10:00–15:30, ZOOM
      • Wed 27th Sep, 10:00–17:30, ZOOM

      Contact before 3rd Oct 2023 01:00 for more details.

      Summer with Monika is looking for a prod team!

      Lighting Designer 

        Contact before 1st Oct 2023 01:00 for more details.


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        Past shows

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