The Minack Theatre

Porthcurno, Cornwall

The Minack Theatre is an open-air theatre on the Cornish coast at Porthcurno. near Land's End.

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Company Managers, Assistant Director

We're looking for a dedicated production team for HMS PINAFORE at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall this September. Applications have opened for: - COMPANY MANAGERS - ASSISTANT DIRECTOR  Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most famous comic operettas to a beautiful venue carved into the Cornish cliffs overlooking the sea.

    Contact before 9th Mar 2021 23:59 for more details.

    Production Manager

    We're looking for a dedicated - PRODUCTION MANAGER  to lead the technical team for H.M.S. PINAFORE at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall this September. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most famous comic operettas to a beautiful venue carved into the Cornish cliffs overlooking the sea.

      Contact before 9th Mar 2021 23:59 for more details.

      The Minack Theatre 09:11 on 25th February Twitter

      The spring dawn is flooding through the Minack arches onto the stage this morning like the beam from a spotlight. Thanks Lynn for this hopeful reminder that the day actors can tread the concrete once more is getting closer all the time.

      The Minack Theatre 13:01 on 23rd February Twitter

      Following the Gvt announcement yesterday, we're looking at the options for reawakening our theatre & will release information on our plans for the 2021 season as soon as possible.
      Meanwhile here’s a sneak peak at artwork for an exciting Minack Production already in preparation.

      The Minack Theatre 16:28 on 22nd February Twitter

      Seconded... this is frustrating and just bizarre. You can go into our indoor museum from step2, but we cannot stage performances? A horrible sense of deja vu back to July 2020.…

      The Minack Theatre 11:56 on 22nd February Twitter

      It's a glorious day in Cornwall with the promise of spring just around the corner. Lynn Batten took this gorgeous shot of the sun rising out of a misty sea to your brighten Monday morning.

      The Minack Theatre 08:55 on 18th February Twitter

      Kim, our Education Officer is working online with young people from across Cornwall on their Discover, Explore, Bronze & Silver Arts Awards. Morgan is just finishing her Discover book & can’t wait to start Explore. To find out how your child can take part email

      The Minack Theatre 20:17 on 17th February Twitter

      Our Executive Director @zoe_minack recorded an interview today for @BBCr4today due to be broadcast at 6.15 tomorrow about managing open air performances in 2020 and planning a 2021 season in uncertain times. @OutToPerform

      The Minack Theatre 14:05 on 17th February Twitter

      Lynn Batten is down in the theatre today, making new concrete pillars, which are moulded and set in situ, just as Rowena used to do.

      The Minack Theatre 11:54 on 12th February Twitter

      Our new Technician, Lucy Gaskell is busy with winter maintenance of the theatre lights. At least it's an indoor job!

      The Minack Theatre 09:31 on 11th February Twitter

      It's around -7 in the theatre today (including windchill). The wind is blowing from the East which is unusual for us and produces these wonderful, marbled lines of waves across the bay. Thanks to Lynn Batten for taking her mitts off long enough to grab this great pic.

      The Minack Theatre 17:59 on 10th February Twitter

      Listen out for our friend and fabulous actor, @BKernow talking about outdoor theatre on @BBCr4today on 11th Feb! @OutToPerform…

      The Minack Theatre 11:27 on 9th February Twitter

      It's getting colder, but our onsite team are prepared!

      The Minack Theatre 11:02 on 9th February Twitter

      There's no snow at the Minack yet, though the clouds are threatening. We know it's close, there are flakes falling on the high ground around here, so Lynn Batten has her camera charged and ready, just in case.

      The Minack Theatre 11:55 on 8th February Twitter

      Free Digital Resources for schools. The story of Macbeth told in accessible language from the Minack stage in 5 short videos + 3 complementary activities with each video. Suitable for all key stages. Find out more…

      The Minack Theatre 09:43 on 4th February Twitter

      The Cornish weather gods must have missed the message about snow this week. Yesterday we had summer in February at the Minack. Lynn Batten took this great shot to cheer everyone up.

      The Minack Theatre 10:00 on 3rd February Twitter

      The Minack is recruiting! We can't yet confirm when we will re-open, but we're planning for the future. We're looking for an Assistant Cook and a Cleaner to join our team this year. Deadline for applications 15 Feb. See our website for details.

      The Minack Theatre 12:53 on 29th January Twitter

      The fog and mirk of the last couple of days has lifted and Lynn Batten caught a gorgeous winter light on the theatre this morning.

      The Minack Theatre 10:11 on 25th January Twitter

      It may not be exactly sunbathing temperature down here, but there's no hint of snow at Minack today -well, so far!

      The Minack Theatre 10:46 on 22nd January Twitter

      The weather is a bit hit and miss here this morning. Lynn Batten captured these dramatic clouds and passing showers across the bay.

      The Minack Theatre 09:43 on 20th January Twitter

      It's a bit rough around the rocks this morning. Lynn Batten caught this great surge of spray over the Minack rock this morning.

      The Minack Theatre 11:20 on 16th January Twitter

      Scott Matthews has announced his 2nd live streamed show on 30 Jan. "My all requests show will look forward by going back into my catalogue of songs. I’m excited to receive your requests so get them in early & give me time to practice!"

      The Minack Theatre 09:38 on 14th January Twitter

      Even in the grey days of January, there are gleams of brilliance in the soft winter light. Lynn Batten captured this ray of sunlight over the Minack yesterday.

      The Minack Theatre 09:30 on 12th January Twitter

      We can’t reveal our 2021 season until government guidance is clear after the lockdown. We don’t want to put events on sale ‘til we are confident social-distancing requirements can be met. We’ll release information as soon as we can, but please bear with us in the meanwhile.

      The Minack Theatre 09:06 on 11th January Twitter

      We’re thrilled Zoe Curnow, the Minack’s Exec. Director, is listed among The Stage 100 for 2021. This year’s list of influential people in theatre honours inspiring theatremakers in the pandemic. Also named is director & Penzance son, Michael Grandage.

      The Minack Theatre 11:11 on 7th January Twitter

      We're thrilled to be on this list as a venue who put on shows in 2020 and thank all the amazing producers who took a risk and joined us. @L5YMinack @davidsoho1 @DavidMynne @mischiefcomedy @hahumahtheatre @birminghamstage @IllyriaTheatre @bashstreet @Kernow_King…

      The Minack Theatre 09:19 on 7th January Twitter

      Even in Lockdown, our Minack gardeners aren't letting the grass grow under their feet.

      The Minack Theatre 14:37 on 4th January Twitter

      Our photographer @penberth73 took this lovely, tranquil photo of our sleeping theatre this morning, lulled by gentle waves under the rising sun.

      The Minack Theatre 12:00 on 4th January Twitter

      Our photographer Lynn Batten took this lovely, tranquil photo of our sleeping theatre this morning, lulled by gentle waves under the rising sun.

      The Minack Theatre 09:22 on 4th January Twitter

      Something to brighten the dark evenings of January. The Minack features in Episode 1 of ITV’s new series, 'Cornwall & Devon Walks with Julia Bradbury' this Wednesday at 8.30pm in which the former Countryfile presenter explores the best walks in the South West.

      The Minack Theatre 17:46 on 30th December Twitter

      We are sad to tell you that, following Cornwall's entry into Tier 3, we are once more closing our gates until the situation improves. We do not wish to encourage anyone to travel at a time when we are all recommended to remain within our local community.

      The Minack Theatre 12:47 on 28th December Twitter

      A very hardy @squashboxcraig and audience today for ‘The Sea Show’! We have more storytelling on Wednesday and Friday this week:


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