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Porthcurno, Cornwall
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The Minack Theatre 19:28 on 27th March Twitter

On #WorldTheatreDay here is an archive photo of our beautiful theatre under it's very own #ghostlight.

The Minack Theatre 10:56 on 27th March Twitter

We should have been starting the tech for our production of #MinackHettyFeather today. Here's the set last week looking amazing, and it is now stored in our rehearsal room. #WorldTheatreDay

The Minack Theatre 14:48 on 26th March Twitter

Our revels may be on hold for a while, but they're definitely not ended. Meanwhile, here’s a Minack Moment to enjoy. Simon Rosser as Prospero, declaims the epilogue in the Drama Workshop of Waltham Forest’s 1992 anniversary production of The Tempest.

The Minack Theatre 17:50 on 25th March Twitter

The brilliant Alice King has finished making the whale for our forthcoming (!) production of Ocean World! She looks beautiful and we are very grateful to Paul Church Hall for kindly accommodating her for us @PenleeCluster

The Minack Theatre 09:05 on 25th March Twitter

Our theatre sleeping in the morning sunlight. Thanks to @penberth73 for the photo.

The Minack Theatre 16:44 on 24th March Twitter

The builders from S.J.Quick & Sons have almost finished our new viewing area at the top of the site - we're looking forward to letting you see this when we can open again later in the year.

The Minack Theatre 10:41 on 23rd March Twitter

It's a beautiful day at a troubling time. We will try and give you regular Minack-fixes over social media - please don't travel out here to visit us, we are closed. Photo credit @penberth73

The Minack Theatre 11:54 on 20th March Twitter

A motley crew from across the staff came together this morning to take down the Hetty Feather set and put it into storage - it was sad, but we had a giggle!

The Minack Theatre 17:56 on 16th March Twitter

A stunning day in the far west today.

The Minack Theatre 11:44 on 16th March Twitter

Craig is getting scarily well into his role as Matron Bottomly.

The Minack Theatre 10:12 on 14th March Twitter

Our #MinackHettyFeather set has made it to the stage! Now we just need to build it and keep optimistic that we will be able to perform this fabulous show in April!

The Minack Theatre 11:55 on 13th March Twitter

'Although there have been productions of Hetty Feather around the world this is the first professional production with child actors in the lead roles. I can’t wait to see what the creative team will bring to the story.' Emma Reeves, playwright Hetty Feather #MinackHettyFeather

The Minack Theatre 18:13 on 12th March Twitter

We had a great day with @DavidJohnLane, @sedickenson, a fabulous group of actors and our friends from @PKPorthcurno reading the latest draft of 'The Valley' commissioned by @PKPorthcurno. Performing end of June 2020.

The Minack Theatre 16:26 on 11th March Twitter

We had great fun with the lovely team from MADE this morning with their 'Wenna's Wonderful World' performing to two local schools.

Photo: @penberth73

The Minack Theatre 11:55 on 11th March Twitter

Craig Johnson gets a bit 'matronly' during his costume fitting for Hetty Feather. Discover what other surprises costume designer Marion Harrison has in store in our Easter show. r#MinackHettyFeather

The Minack Theatre 11:55 on 10th March Twitter

As pollution and climate change threaten our planet, the unique life within our Ocean World is more precious than ever. #MinackOceanWorld Book Now!

The Minack Theatre 11:55 on 9th March Twitter

Join Hetty Feather as she strives to escape the Foundling Hospital for a circus of dreams this Easter. #MinackHettyFeather Book Now!

The Minack Theatre 14:24 on 8th March Twitter

Remembering Rowena Cade who conceived and created our beautiful theatre with her own hands! #IWD2020

The Minack Theatre 11:55 on 6th March Twitter

We had a great time last weekend learning new skills for Hetty Feather. Thanks Jack Rees of #PiratesoftheCarabina for bringing us us the razzle dazzle of the circus. #MinackHettyFeather Book now!

The Minack Theatre 13:41 on 5th March Twitter

We love these cards, designed for us by Charley Neave, a local artist and member of our team. Pop into our shop to buy one!

The Minack Theatre 11:55 on 4th March Twitter

Book now to discover Hetty Feather's story at Minack this Easter. #MinackHettyFeather

The Minack Theatre 15:27 on 3rd March Twitter

One of our builders found this painted rock in our car park! #KernowRocks @KernowRocks1 It's hidden in the theatre for the next person to find!

The Minack Theatre 11:55 on 3rd March Twitter

Here on the edge of the sea, we invite you to join a humpbacked whale and her calf as they make a perilous journey through our ocean world. #MinackOceanWorld Book Now!

The Minack Theatre 11:55 on 2nd March Twitter

Musical director Ben Sutcliffe gets an earful, when one of the cast blows her trumpet in rehearsals. #MinackHettyFeather Book Tickets Now!

The Minack Theatre 11:50 on 28th February Twitter

Roisin Bermingham as Hetty Feather shares a tender moment with her foster mother, played by Jenny Beare. Join Hetty's search to find her true mother this Easter. #MinackHettyFeather Book Now!

The Minack Theatre 13:59 on 27th February Twitter

It's so gorgeous to see the sun!

The Minack Theatre 13:37 on 26th February Twitter

In partnership with @PenberthPlants we have refreshed our plant sales stall! Check it out when you come to visit.

The Minack Theatre 12:05 on 26th February Twitter

Roll up! For Hetty Feather! Enter the sparkling, heart-breaking world of the brave little redhead at Minack this Easter. Join Hetty as she searches for her real mother and struggles against cruelty in the bleak Foundling Hospital. #MinackHettyFeather


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