Online Theatre, Who is She?

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  • February 2, 2021 20:00–21:00

Q&A and information session about what to expect from working on online theatre projects (like ADC Online) from some Cambridge Theatre experts!
Join the Zoom (link above) and come ask any questions you might have about any part of the process, from creative to technical to just curious!

Luis Almonacid - Creative Director and Video Editor of 'Love and Information' (Audiovisual Production)

Amber De Ruyt - Producer/BATS Co-President (7 Online Shows)

Jonathan Powell - Writer/Director/Editor of 'The Man in the Air Balloon' (+Actor), 'The Backwards People and 'The Balloonist Masterplan: Forgotten Lives' (+Actor)

Jasper Cresdee Hyde - Writer/Director/Editor of The Adventures of Sharkman and Sharkman the God Project