Comedy Iceberg presents...


    23:00, Wed 12th – Sat 15th November 2003 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 5

    In the months since Whose Iceberg Is It Anyway?, the Comedy Iceberg has made a lot of enemies. Pirates, barmen, local radio DJs, government ministries, televangelists, the makers of MacGyver and the entire Amish community - they're all out for blood. But none of our foes are as implacable, or as inventive, as Cambridge's other improvised comedy groups. In May we took on the Amazing Spectacles for a one-night Town vs Gown improv showdown. But now we've staked out the ADC stage for a week of lateshows, and the heavy artillery's coming out...

    Join us on a mission into unknown territory as we encounter old foes and new, and be prepared for sniping, guerrilla tactics and the occasional pitched battle as improv goes to war. This time, even the games are unknown in advance. This time, anything could happen.


    Production Team