The Double Cross Committee presents...

    A Brief History Of Stupidity
    By Mic Wright

    23:00, Wed 10th – Sat 13th November 2004 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 5

    Evolution is seemingly working in reverse with George Bush considered a world leader and that Jade Goody a celebrity. With that in mind we present A Brief History Of Stupidity, an hour long rush through the stupidest events in world history. From Jesus’ short lived cooking show to the guard that thought the Trojan horse would make a nice mantelpiece ornament, we run the full gamut of idiocy from the inane to the downright frightening.

    The new show from the makers of Don’t Put That Firework There and the producers of Scally Kids Steal The Funniest Things a group of individuals so disturbing that they are worshipped as demi-gods by a small tribe in Equador and have been threatened with legal action by the Krankees.

    A Brief History Of Stupidity – all the bits that Simon Schama didn’t have the balls to mention.


    Production Team