Independent charity tour presents...

    A Day in the Death of Joe Egg
    By Peter Nichols

    13:45, Tue 16th March 2004 at St Bede's School, Cambridge
    19:30, Tue 16th March 2004 at Homerton College Studio
    14:30, Thu 18th March 2004 at Queens' College Senior School, Taunton
    19:30, Thu 18th March 2004 at Queens' College Senior School, Taunton
    19:45, Fri 19th March 2004 at Stage Studios, Exeter
    Lent Week 9

    Joe is ten years old, severely disabled, wheelchair bound and completely dependent on her parents. She will have no life. So why is she allowed to live? Bri and Sheila have to live with the moral dilemma that nobody should have to face. Bri clowns his way through life. Sheila clings to the hope that one day, somehow, all will be right again. Throw in the questionable support of their friends and family, and the group soon begins to realise they are all experiencing a day in the death of Joe Egg. Peter Nichols' darkly comic masterpiece balances somewhere on the verge between tragedy and hilarity. 'A Day in the Death of Joe Egg' demands answers to questions that cannot be ignored, and will leave you wondering whether to laugh or cry.

    This is a touring adaptation of the production staged by Pembroke Players in December 2003, at the Corpus Playroom The production, armed with a minibus and several crates of props, set off for a fast and furious schools tour of Cambridge then South East England, raising cash a'plenty for charity on the way. Many thanks to all our hosts and supporters.



    Production Team