The Uncertainty Division presents...

    A Drink with the Uncertainty Division

    19:45, Sun 17th October 2004 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 2

    I remember once going with my father to meet one of his old schoolfriends. They shared memories of driving tanks with the CCF, and I remember very clearly how alive they seemed, talking about their youth, and yet how very old and grown up. Slightly intimidating, Bob had been on the Krypton Factor and had an early personal computer that drew fractals for me. When we had dinner, I was left with a feeling of an immense candlelit banquet, with merriment and witty discourse.

    This show will be like that, only with a drink: choose yours from our menu. Best enjoyed with ice.

    The Uncertainty Division was resident at the C cabaret bar during the 2004 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and can be seen again at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge, at 7.45pm on Sunday 17th October, bringing a quirky view on the world through songs, stand-up and sketches.


    Production Team