Shooting the Chandelier
    By David Mercer

    19:30, Tue 23rd – Thu 25th November 2004 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Michaelmas Week 7

    How can peace be found in war? How can sanity be found in madness? BATS
    present the stage premiere of 'Shooting the Chandelier' written by David
    Mercer, named 'foremost political writer of his generation’ by The Theatre
    Review. This exciting multimedia production showcases the best new talent
    of Cambridge. Set in a ruined mansion from which the ongoing Second World
    War is strangely absent, images of memory and a vanished world are used as
    the backdrop to an intimate study of jealousy and pain. Conceived as a
    television drama, this is a stage transfer not to be missed.


    Production Team