Faculty of Drama presents...

    By a new adaptation by Alexandra Spencer-Jones

    22:00, Mon 21st February 2005 - Wed 23rd February 2005 at Homerton Auditorium
    Lent Week 5


    The oldest and most famous of all the Greek tragedies is coming to
    Cambridge. A tale of vengeance, hate and victory, the tale begins as the
    Trojan War ends. Millions of men have left the country to join the Greek
    troops leaving their women and families behind to fight their own battles.
    The Queen takes control of the state. After ten years many things have
    changed. The Queen, Clytemnestra, knows of the sacrifice that her husband
    made to the gods for a 'safe journey' - their daughter. He comes home
    without remorse, the great hero of the war, his mistress at his side. She
    welcomes him with open arms, only to lure him into bed where she stabs him
    to death in a spate of revenge. Her and her lover, the King's cousin, take
    total control of the country and there is piece after the storm....until
    the trilogy commences.

    Dragged into 1945 this adaptation focuses on the tainted victory of all
    wars. Women in men's roles. The traditional famed story is viewed through a
    lens of foul elegance forcing people to the edge of their seat.


    Agamemnon -
    Clytemnestra -
    Cassandra -
    Aegisthus -
    Watchman -
    Herald -

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