The Morning after Optimism
    By Tom Murphy

    22:45, Wed 2nd – Sun 6th March 2005 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Lent Week 6 to Week 7

    Rosie, an ageing whore, and James, her life-companion cum pimp, set out in search of their ideal selves in a fairytale forest. Rosie and James encounter Edmund and Anastasia; chaste, virtuous, poetic, beautiful and optimistic- gender perfected. In a dysoptian midsummer night's dream forest chase, the characters shamelessly stalk love and identity, violently bouncing between the worlds of metaphor and reality. Extreme doses of life's aspiration mixed with vulgar images of sex and death leave Rosie and James' questions unanswered, giving them only the ultimate hangover from wasted optimism.


    Production Team