The Ugly Duckling/Once Upon a Time
    By Chip Edmonds, Rosie Bloxsom, Philip Scott, Cat Harris, Gill Conquest

    19:30, Sat 19th March 2005 Venue to be confirmed
    Lent Week 8

    'The Ugly Duckling', (Script by Chip Edmonds, directed by Philip Scott) looks set to be an all singing, all dancing traditional fest of pantomime extravaganza. Turns out our fluffy Waddler has a heritage waiting for him to discover with the help of many daft characters, not least a James Bond-esque

    'Once upon a time' (Script by a motley crew of cules, directed by Ewan Nicholas) is a farse all about what happens when the gestapo take it upon themselves to rid the world of all our favorite fairytale friends. No shortage of heroes will come to the rescue, and no racial stereotype will be left unabused as the bad guys do their worst to stop them. Think "'allo 'allo" meets "Shrek" and you'll start to get the idea :)

    Administrator's note: This show's venue was given as Christs Theatre and the Queens Building in Emma (tbc) (2019 database update).


    Production Team