The Uncertainty Division presents...


    23:00, Tue 17th January 2006 at ADC Theatre
    20:30, Thu 26th January 2006 at St Mark's Church, Newnham
    Lent Week 0 to Week 1

    Every year Jack kills the Giant, Aladdin rubs the lamp, and Cinderalla marries the Prince. For centuries nobody has dared question these sacred rituals. Now, however, you have the chance to watch completely different stories unfold. Impromime is a fully improvised pantomime, so we can't say what will happen on the night, but it is likely that someone will have a hidden secret, the panto villain will unleash all sorts of mayhem which will cause untold problems and excitement for the other characters, and lots of people will sing with very little reason.

    The team behind Out Of Your Mind ('one of the funniest things I've every heard' - The Guardian) and An Extremely Memorable Emergency ('utterly ridiculous and rather sweet' - The Scotsman) welcome you into a story of your own invention.


    Production Team