By Stacey Gregg

    22:30, Wed 25th ā€“ Sat 28th January 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 1

    Set in contemporary Northern Ireland, this bold new play uses the Antigone myth to respond to the McCartney murder.

    Two young men perform a suicide pact. The deaths act as a catalyst, revealing familial hatred and resentment, forcing the characters to evaluate their existence within a social and political climate of mistrust. The varying hurts of the characters are slowly revealed and the dead will not sleep. A serenading chorus, old drunken whores, 'heavies' and a pizza deliveryman voice just some of the action.

    Ismene is a new play by recent Cambridge graduate Stacey Gregg, written in response to a small but growing tradition of Greek Tragedy appropriated by Irish writers. The piece addresses problems of contemporary society in Northern Ireland, whilst fusing a literary tradition that evokes the Ancient Greeks for our sense of 'Tragedy'. This play is challenging, forcing you to look at events taking place now and see them in the bloody light of supposed 'myths' and 'stories'. Tragedy is not such an ancient concept.


    Production Team