Gently Progressive Productions presents...

    The Gently Progressive Behemoth
    By Luke Roberts

    23:00, Wed 11th – Sat 14th October 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 1

    A brand new comedy show raging straight from the belly of the beast showing you newness and making you better.

    The Behemoth is helmed by Footlights Vice-President Luke Roberts, who won the Harry Porter Prize in 2005, reached the final of the prestigious BBC New Comedy Awards for stand-up the same year and has had his comedy on the London circuit praised for its invention and intelligence. He is supported in this show by a revolving cast of Cambridge's finest, with words Luke thinks are funny spilling from their mouths.

    'I haven't seen anything of this ilk before,' you will say, 'I must say, I find it quite charming'. On expressing such views you will be promptly agreed with and fondled by your companion.


    Production Team