By Freddy Syborn

    19:45, Wed 11th – Sat 14th February 2009 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Lent Week 4

    Sophrosyne is a play about family and evil. It is Robert's 60th birthday. He lives with his boyfriend, his mad mother and her parrot. His two warring children come up for the celebrations: his son grows penises on the backs of rats, his daughter believes in God. Robert wants to talk about sex. No one else does. A child has been lost and a poem written, and Robert wants to put a glory-hole through the fourth wall. No one quite knows what to say. We can see the strings of madness, inherited voices and murder.

    Sophrosyne is written by the joint winner of the Other Prize 2008, Freddy Syborn. His previous plays include Tragedy Circus, A Beast For Thee, Now the late last winter, Indivisible, and Flesh-Eating Jacobean Zombies. Of A Beast For Thee, Varsity said "I really can't think of a better new play I've seen at Cambridge. As both writer and director of this forty-five minute piece, Freddy Syborn skillfully avoids all the usual over-earnest pitfalls of 'student writing' and instead constructs his own strong and impressive theatrical language."


    Production Team