Physalia Productions presents...

    This View of Life
    By Matthew Wilkinson

    19:45, Wed 8th July 2009 at ADC Theatre
    22:30, Thu 9th – Sat 11th July 2009 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Fri 10th July 2009 at ADC Theatre
    Summer Vacation

    It is the 18th May 1893, and Thomas Henry Huxley – Charles Darwin's steadfast and belligerent champion – has just given his last public lecture on the subject of evolution. This time, however, his message was very different. Gone was his earlier portrait of the Law of Natural Selection as a 'calm, strong angel'. In its place, Huxley has painted an altogether darker picture of the Darwinian world, full of cruelty and slaughter: a world to which mankind belonged, but was duty-bound to fight against. But later that night, memories of his old friend, his arch-enemy and his beloved daughter force him to look again at his own evolutionary journey. Presented in association with the Cambridge Darwin Festival, This View of Life is the story of one man's struggle to give Darwin's revelation to the people, and to find meaning in this most wondrous and dangerous of ideas.


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