Moving Tone presents...

    Gibb Rishes Monologue
    By Anne L Ryan/Stuart Russell/Simon Fell

    20:00, Sun 24th October 2010 at Mumford Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 3

    The silent clown has found her voice. This musical journey reveals her story through voice, song, mime - and the unexpected. From traditional Gaelic song to futuristic digital soundscapes, the vocal clown makes her unpredictable way along the boundary between joy and sorrow, love and hate, laughter and tears. Performed by charismatic vocalist Anne L Ryan, and directed by Loré Lixenberg - best known for her role in Jerry Springer Opera - Moving Tones's new vocal theatre song cycle promises a work-out for your grey cells and your funny bones. Part of the University of Cambridge/Anglia Ruskin University Festival of Ideas 2010.


    Production Team