Alcoholic Anonymous presents...

    These Things Happen
    By Jonathan Pease

    22:45, Thu 10th June 2010 at Henry's Wine Bar
    14:30, Mon 14th June 2010 at Vodka Revolution
    Easter Week 7 to May Week

    “However depressing relationships are, Things don't seem so bad when you're sat by a bar...”

    THESE THINGS HAPPEN: A musical tragi-comedy in two acts

    Evening falls. Eight friends sit moping together in a bar. As the night draws on, each takes their turn to present a ten minute tale about how the harsh realities of human relationships have driven them to the bottle.

    Set to be the musical highlight of post-exam entertainment, don't miss this fantastic opportunity to eavesdrop on eight of Cambridge's finest singers as they complain about commitmentphobia, blub about breakup, splurge about their sex lives and even detail the incompetent ramblings of a quintessentially British relationships counsellor – all accompanied by the strains of a top-notch twenty-three piece variety orchestra and the distant commentary of the bar’s resident jazz crooner.

    This will be no hangover cure…


    Jazz Singer


    Flute/piccolo –
    Oboe/cor anglais –
    Clarinet/soprano sax/alto sax/EWI –
    Flute/clarinet/alto sax –
    Clarinet/tenor sax –
    Clarinet/bass clarinet –
    Bassoon –
    Trumpet – ,
    Trumpet/cornet –
    Trombone –
    Bass trombone –
    Tuba –
    Percussion – ,
    Harp –
    Piano/celesta/harpsichord/electric piano –
    'Cello –
    Double bass –

    Production Team