and Bene't Club (Corpus Christi College) present...

    Acis and Galatea
    By Handel

    19:00, Mon 20th – Wed 22nd June 2011 at Corpus Christi Master's Lodge Garden
    Easter May Week

    The story of the lovers Acis and Galetea is a tale set in an idyllic pastoral utopia, where the love is free, innocent and passionate. The shepherd boy and the beautiful nymph inhabit a bucolic dream until their romance is destroyed by a powerful monster, the cyclops Polyphemus, whose rage and sexual jealousy threatens to tear their world asunder.

    Come and enjoy the beautiful setting of Corpus' Master's Lodge Garden, which will be transformed into the "pleasures of the plains", and enter into a landscape inhabited by nymphs, shepherds and fantastic monsters. The plot boasts love, envy, rejoicing and mourning, and with some of Cambridge's finest singers and players, this fiery retelling will take a fresh look at Handel's classic.


    Production Team