Girl From Nowhere
    By Victoria Rigby

    21:30, Mon 1st October 2012 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 0

    "Jeannie, you can't go through life like a piece of driftwood down a stream, just waitin' for the river to make you change direction... You need to choose."

    1. The country is bursting with the vibes of free love and the sound of rock and roll. A million miles away, in Coyote Creek, Texas, Jeannie Hogan is back home after a disastrous tour with her rock band, sneered at by critics and snubbed by musicians.

    But she’s not done yet.

    Jeannie’s bags are packed and she’s going to New York City, determined to start again and take the music scene by storm. But before she goes, there's a message to leave - and a lot of explaining to do.


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