Decline A Name presents...

    By Toby Parker-Rees & Joe Rubini

    13:00, Wed 8th – Sun 12th August 2012 at The Bongo Club, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    HOOF HOOF is a punk-folk opera for everyone, returning Euripides’ classic The Bacchae to the invigorating communal ridiculousness of ancient Athens. It features puppets, masks, hand-painted costumes and dancing satyrs. Our world premiere will be at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe, in the world famous Bongo Club.

    We are looking for male and female performers to be part of a tight ensemble. Singing is required, but it need not necessarily be tuneful. Ability to play a musical instrument is also something we'd be interested in, but this isn't vital. You will need to be free for the second half of July (for rehearsals) and the first half of August (for Edinburgh). We do open book accounting and role-based profit share, so at the end of the run you will get some money. You can spend this on whatever you like.

    We've got a lot of impressive reviewers and so on lined up to come see, and we may be doing a little preview at Latitude Festival, so this will all be very fun. Here are some things people have said about us in the past so you know you can trust us - they are in the form of adjectives qualified by adverbs, because we're so complex and hard to nail down: 'faintly terrifying' (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian) 'defiantly ridiculous' (The Erotic Review) 'lasciviously adventurous' (VICE) 'spine-tinglingly beautiful' (The Tab) 'truly original' (Varsity).


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