EDE Drama Production presents...

    Marriage Play
    By Edward Albee

    18:30, Thu 1st – Fri 2nd March 2012 at Homerton Small Studio
    Lent Week 6

    “What kind of animal are we?!”

    Jack comes home early from the office and announces to Gillian, his wife of thirty years, that he is leaving her: but he doesn’t go. As the stability of their union is destroyed by devastating revelations, cruel words and physical violence, this brutal pas de deux examines the way marriage exacerbates our fears and failures. With so much of their lives woven into the past, will Jack and Gillian find a way to untangle themselves from the each other’s pain? Will Jack finally be able to leave? Steeped in Albee’s sharp and savage wit, Marriage Play is a biting, kicking, brawl of a play that interrogates the very core of being “Husband and Wife”.



    Production Team