Cambridge Handel Opera presents...

    By Handel

    19:00, Tue 30th April 2013 - Wed 1st May 2013 at West Road Concert Hall
    19:00, Fri 3rd May 2013 - Sat 4th May 2013 at West Road Concert Hall
    Easter Week 1

    The free-spirited Princess Atalanta has escaped to the forest to live as a huntress. Smitten Prince Meleagro will do anything to win her affection – even disguise himself as a lowly shepherd.

    When the royal pair get mixed up in the romantic tribulations of a real shepherd and shepherdess, comedy and heartbreak inevitably ensue.

    Handel’s delightful pastoral opera includes all the hallmarks of his style: lightness, energy, humour and passion, culminating in jubilant celebration once the course of true love finally does run smooth.


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