Matthew Lee Film presents...

    Film Opportunity in Edinburgh

    00:00, Fri 2nd – Tue 27th August 2013 at Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    The city police state of New Samarkand, somewhere, somewhen. It is an isolated beacon of civilization.

    Their leader, The Artist - a virtuoso artisan, mathematical prodigy and consummate creator - has constructed a machine capable of creating any work art. People no longer need to create art. They consume.

    Traditional artists can’t keep up with the machine and so have given up, all but Charlie and Clara Scuro: artists, lovers, rebels. Never before has anyone beheld such beauty, such originality as is in their work. A creative urge among the populace must now be suppressed by the authorities and Charlie and Clara find themselves on the run. On the ensuing journey they discover the necessity and meaning of creating, uncover the motivations and evils of the Council of Aesthetes and confront The Artist.


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