Way Back
    By Daniel Henry Kaes

    12:50, Thu 1st – Sun 25th August 2013 at Underbelly, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    "Welcome to Beachy Head, East Sussex, the third most popular suicide spot in the world. Dreadful, isn't it? Only third."

    A member of Beachy Head's Chaplaincy Team, Carol, has her work cut out when it comes to saving people from the brink. Join her as she goes above and beyond the call of duty to save depressed romantic Miles, and attention-seeking ex-pop star Randy. A kiss, a date in a greasy spoon cafe, a fight on the cliff tops, an international concert tour, can they help each other find purpose and happiness after all?

    From the writer of 'It's Complicated' (Footlights Harry Porter nominee 2012, "wonderfully amusing" - Broadway Baby) and 'Guido!' (“Impressive…ridiculous…really, really fun” - Cambridge Tab) comes a brand new, poignant and genuinely daring new comedy, sensitively exploring the taboo themes of depression and suicide.


    Production Team