An Evening of Moliere
    By Moliere

    19:30, Thu 15th – Sat 17th May 2014 at Mumford Theatre
    Easter Week 3

    ARTS presents An Evening of Moliere A double bill of one act comedies set in the Moulin Rouge era of France - The Countess of Escarbagnas

    One of Molière's best one-act plays, The Countess of Escarbagnas blends broad farce and pointed wit to express his never-ending delight in human foibles. But Molière is more than just the "master of the laugh," for behind the comic gestures of these matchless rogues, tight-fisted masters, possessive lovers and elegant ladies lurk fears, insecurities and their consequences


    The Pretentious Young Ladies Magdelon and Cathos, two young women from the provinces who have come to Paris in search of love and jeux d'esprit. Gorgibus, the father of Magdelon and uncle of Cathos, decides they should marry a pair of eminently eligible young men but the two women find the men unrefined and ridicule them. The men vow to take revenge on the pretentious young ladies. On stage comes Mascarille, a young man who pretends to be a sophisticated man of the world. Magdelon falls in love with him. Next on stage comes another young man, Jodelet, with whom Cathos falls in love.


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