COGGLES - Charitable Theatre - Shows to Old People Homes

    14:30, Sat 31st May 2014 at Ditchburn Place
    19:30, Wed 4th June 2014 at Epworth Court
    16:00, Sat 21st June 2014 at Garden in Cambridge for Student Performance
    Easter Week 5 to May Week

    We take theatre to those who don't normally get a chance to see it! This is an incredibly fun venture, with frequent pub trips, to do an hour long play at old people homes - they absolutely love us coming, and we always get positive feedback. The shows will take place in the middle of exam period, so this show is primarily for PhD students, undergrads without exams, and anyone else who happens to be around in Cambridge, and we would love YOU to get involved with us!

    Join COGGLES for an adventure like no other. We have pirates, sailors and a Wizard. The quest is simple – go and find the Common Book of Spells. This is a story of betrayal, surprise, and intrigue – will the evil fiend succeed or not? Join us for what will be on one of the funniest productions this year in Cambridge


    Production Team