CULES Double Bill: "Cinderella - being a heroine isn't easy" and "The Reluctant Orthodontist"
    By Martin French and Joel Lipson

    19:30, Sat 15th March 2014 at McCrum Lecture Theatre
    Lent Week 8

    Cinderella - being a heroine isn't easy: Cinderella and her family have fallen on hard times. The Duchess, being more concerned with social standing than economy, is working her way through the Duke's fortune by promoting the acting and modelling career of her eldest daughter, Angelica. Cinderella not only has to run the household, but also has to supplement the family's income by working at the palace as a maid under an assumed alias. Can she save the kingdom, find true love and juggle her multiple personae all before the clock strikes midnight?

    The Reluctant Orthodontist: Herman, a small-time thief, is caught halfway through a burglary by another visitor to the sleeping household - a prospective tooth fairy, fresh-faced and eager to please her superiors. He is forced to take her place to avoid discovery, leading him into a night of poor disguises, pink tutus, a mad dentist, and 'original' ways of gathering teeth from unwitting sleepers...

    CULES takes shows to places that wouldn't normally get to see them, touring special needs schools and old people's homes in the final week of term, before putting on a student performance.


    Production Team