Clare College Music Society presents...

    Fragment 160: The Female Voice on Stage
    By Susie Self, Erik Satie, Benjamin Britten

    13:10, Mon 12th May 2014 at Clare College Chapel
    Easter Week 3

    "Now, I shall sing these songs Beautifully for my companions" - Sappho, Fragment 160*

    "Fragment 160" is a performance by and about the female voice on stage. It consists of three pieces of drama set to music, all written for women's voices: a semi-staged re-imagining of Erik Satie's cantata "Socrate", set at a women's college in Cambridge in the early 20th century, a performance of Benjamin Britten's operatic cantata "Phaedra", and a concert version of "Spirit Wagon", a new chamber opera by Susie Self.

    *Translated by Julia Dubnoff


    Sophia's Father
    Phaedra, Entreati Sorcercess
    Helen/Alcibiades, Spirit
    Sophia/Socrate, Spirit
    Henrietta/Phaedre, Spirit


    Violin (Leader) –
    Violin II –
    Violin I –
    Theremin –
    Timpani –

    Production Team

    Artistic Director and Conductor –
    Staging Director –
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