Romeo and Juliet
    By William Shakespeare, adapted by Matilda Wnek and Claudia Grigg-Edo

    13:30, Sun 10th August 2014 - Mon 25th August 2014 at C cubed (main space), Riddle's Court, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    It's 2014. There's a new pill on the streets - ask the Friar. Mercutio wants to try it. Juliet's BBQ - Rosalind and three friends attending. What lady is that? She speaks. The Friar, a drug-dealer, commands authority from the periphery. Rosalind's compartmentalised brand of seduction is a lingering temptation. Mercutio lives in half-hour highs and wants his mate back. Shakespeare's timeless story is re-imagined in the atomised present day. No Montagues, no Capulets: just love sabotaged by modern whims.


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