The Road Less Travelled
    By Sean Lang

    19:30, Mon 7th April 2014 at Mumford Theatre
    Easter Vacation

    ARTS is promoting a fellow company originating out of Anglia Ruskin. The company currently performing under the name Anglia Ruskin Creative or ARC is committed to promoting new work in and around Cambridge. It has previously enjoyed successful runs in Cambridge and Oxford, with highly acclaimed performances in the Cambridge and Haverhill drama festivals.

    ARC announces its newest offering entitled The Road Less Travelled by Dr Sean Lang. The show is based on the poem by Robert Frost entitled The Road Not Taken. In one act it follows the decision one man has to make which will decide his fate, all he has to do is decide which road to take. His decision is made harder by the presence of a mysterious stranger, who speaks in riddles.

    The play will be performed as part of a World War One evening at the Mumford Theatre with guest speakers, as well as being entered into the Sawston and Cambridge Drama Festivals.


    Production Team