The Foxymorons presents...

    Up The Auntie!
    By Charlie James Robb & Jake Spence

    13:00, Sun 10th – Mon 25th August 2014 at C Nova Studios
    Summer Vacation

    Classic movie moment parodies? Check. Musical interludes? Check. Subtle ridicule of the adult film industry? Check. All we need now is an audience. From the heart of Cambridge a sketch show of ludicrous abandon: porn, politics, pheasants and porn. If you're after an hour of comedy fun that is both rib-tickling and snort-worthy, look no further. Our promise to you? It's gonna be funny. This isn't like the time the Lib Dems promised tuition fees wouldn't be raised, because that was a load of bovine excrement. No, ours is a real promise - it's gonna be funny.



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