Two Thirds
By Emily Layton

12:00, Sun 16th August 2015 - Mon 31st August 2015 at C Nova venues
Summer Vacation

24 hours, 9 friends, and 5 years’ worth of tension…

"A brave and perceptive piece of new writing" - TAB, 2015

The story begins at the end, and weaves its way back through the 5 years after Graduation to the party that once felt like the last time nothing had a consequence. The same group of friends – a medley of housemates, siblings and ex-lovers – reunite once a year at Christmas. Old tensions are covered up with tinsel, as the friends try their best to eat, drink and be merry, while the threat of all that’s been left unsaid hangs like an awkward bauble.

Much like real life, or a drunk 21 year old, the play ricochets between laughter, tears, and vomit. Though the characters may graduate from drinking games to playing the game of being ‘grown ups’, they still struggle with the consequences of what they have done to each other, and the devastation of what can’t be undone.


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