Beacon Players presents...

Weekly Art Night
By Claudia Grigg Edo

7:30pm, Tue 8th December 2015 - Sat 12th December 2015, at The Space, London
Christmas Vacation

The 2015 Climate Talks passed.

Then came the Floods.

Rumours say London is fortified while Britain sinks.

In the North, a small bunker shelters the Community. Young, energetic and trapped, they scrape by and try to look ahead. But once a week, work stops for ART NIGHT, where dreams are aired and anything goes.

Then Oliver arrives. A pre-Flooder. He used to wear a suit, own a computer, drive a car. Now he threatens to divide the Community.

Art for anger, or for acceptance?

The Beacon Players welcome you to WEEKLY ART NIGHT: a restaging of the Climate Crisis as a confrontation between generations.

Praise for writer/director’s previous work:

“Completely mesmerising … hilariously well-observed” - edfringereview


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