Corpus RAG presents...

    Just A Minute

    20:00, Sun 14th February 2016 at McCrum Lecture Theatre
    Lent Week 5

    Join a special, presumably Valentine-less set of verbally dexterous Cambridge wordsmiths, comics and thesps for our very own Just a Minute panel show. Hosted by the incomparably witty Bret Cameron, the object of the game is for panelists to talk for sixty seconds on a given subject, "without hesitation, repetition or deviation". Easier said than done!

    Come down to Corpus' McCrum Theatre (behind the Eagle on Benet Street) for a recreation of your family's favourite radio show. All for the bants / RAG!


    Alice Elizabeth Mottram (TCS hero and meal deal aficionado), Emma Plowright (our competition winner), Emily Bailey-Page (Varsity star), Haydn Jenkins (Spilt Milk, Bouyband, all round funny) , Rhodri ('my wit and Welshyness get annoying fast') Hughes, Yaseen Kader (Revelations, Bouyband, Kanye's biggest fan).

    And Seb Johns will be our special guest pianist for the evening.

    £3 on the door, all proceeds go to RAG.



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    Production Team