Disposables: A Sketch Show (London)
    By Will Hall, Laura Cameron, Leo Reich, Rufus McAlister

    19:30, Mon 27th March 2017 at Battersea Barge
    Easter Vacation

    Seventeen years ago, the Picksford Amateur Photography Society held its final ever meeting, and went their separate ways. However, at the funeral of former treasurer Dorothy, the remaining four members are reunited, and take a trip down memory lane as they look through their old sketc- photos. Photos. It's photos. That's the premise.

    Join Footlights regulars Will Hall, Laura Cameron, Rufus McAlister and Leo Reich for a fast-paced night of sketch comedy in which every picture tells a story.

    “Punch after punch of genuinely funny gags” – Varsity
    “Phenomenally funny” – The Bubble
    “Inexperienced or amateur it was not” – CTR


    Production Team