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    Have I Got to Snap The Buzzcocks For You: An Election Panel Show
    By Lily Lindon

    23:00, Thu 8th June 2017 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 6

    "YOU'RE JOKING. NOT ANOTHER ONE. Oh for God's sake, I can't honestly, I can't stand this. There's too much politics going on at the moment, why does she need to do it?"

    • Brenda from Bristol, on hearing about the snap panel show now on 8th June

    That's right, Buzzcocks is BACK boys!

    Come celebrate exercising your democratic vote with your politicised panel pals. We'll be playing all your favourite improvised panel show games now with a general-election theme. (And some new games too, depending on what the campaigns throw at us...) We'll announce the exit poll results, update you with the live feed as it comes through, and try desperately to keep some kind of political balance (ish. Probably not really.)

    It's the most important thing you'll do on the 8th June.*

    *No but seriously, do vote first. In fact we might have some sort of 'entrance only by proof of having voted thing'. 'Cos then we can throw out the Tories!!!!
    (Only joking.) (Or am I.)


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