NOW That's Who I Call Archie Henderson
By Archie Henderson

21:30, Tue 24th April 2018 at Corpus Playroom
Easter Week 0

What’s the musical magic formula?

On 13th November 2013, Archie Henderson accidentally reached number 98 in the UK Singles Chart. This time, he’s heading straight for number one.

Accompanied by an original soundtrack, NOW That’s Who I Call Archie Henderson is a heroic story of symphonic redemption – a last-gasp attempt to figure out what the hell makes a song a hit. In a tornado of musical theory, pop impressions and self-flagellation, Archie will re-attempt every night to find that secret ingredient that’ll take his song all the way to the top. Expect a comprehensive (read: obsessive) historical analysis of everything that has ever made pop music popular – from Bond themes to the Arctic Monkeys via some serious powerhouse opera vibrato.

They said a smash hit can’t be built in a day.
They said to express emotion, not obsess over minutiae.
They said you can’t fake artistic value.

Just watch me.

★★★★★ – EdFestMag
'Absolute, terrible genius' – Comedy Central UK
‘Radiated a delightfully daft energy’ – Chortle



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