By Comrie Saville-Ferguson and Dan Allum-Gruselle

    13:20, Thu 1st – Sun 25th August 2019 at White Belly @ Underbelly, Cowgate
    Summer Vacation

    After Fringe hit Speechless, Cambridge Footlights Comrie and Dan present the hyperkinetic, garish and gothic Obsolete: a sinister tech company presentation, combining the Silicon Valley with the uncanny valley. The product? A grotesque machine where one can upload their consciousness to the internet and become anything, abandoning their body. It's Robin Williams meets the Matrix. It's Bo Burnham meets Black Mirror. It's Morecambe and Wise meets Blade Runner. Combining the madcap and the macabre, in the wake of Cambridge Analytica, Mark Zuckerberg's testimony and the rise of virtual reality. When the body becomes obsolete, where do we stop?


    Production Team

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    Assistant Director