By More Dance Less Admin

20:00, Wed 13th March 2019 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
13:30, Thu 14th March 2019 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
Lent Week 8

More Dance Less Admin presents a dance theatre project that is built from experimentation, focus and the growth of relationships. Inspired by the work of German expressionist dancers Pina Bausch and Mary Wigman, we build dance from emotion and action rather than music and we work with real dialogue and its strengths and weaknesses. The conversations display desire, shame, intimacy and the mundanity of romance in real life. This is about adultery, unrequited love, bad sex, and embarrassing romance.

The work explores not just the way dance and theatre intersect, but also the way they are developed - in an environment where time is incredibly precious, does it make sense to depend on the idea of a finished work? This is in a way an attempt to strip performance of all the formal, administrative, decorational, and prestigious elements that so often take over. Experiments can be funny and sincere while being innovative and confusing.