The Cambridge University Italian Society presents...

Così è (se vi pare) [Right you are (if you think so)]
By Luigi Pirandello

19:00, Fri 28th February 2020 - Sat 29th February 2020 at Palmerston Room, St John's College
Lent Week 6

The 1917 drama written by the Nobel Prize winning playwright Luigi Pirandello explores the human desire to know the absolute truth and asks whether there are as many sides to a story as there are people to tell them. The play takes place in the drawing room of Councillor Agazzi and his wife Amalia in a small town in Sicily where tongues have started wagging after the arrival of a mysterious new family, one of which is a woman locked away in an apartment on the outskirts of town.

Adapted and Directed by Ludovico Nolfi.

Friday 28th February 19:00,
Saturday 29th February 15:00
Saturday 29th February 19:00


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