23:00, Wed 10th – Sat 13th March 2021 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 7

    Maybe it's a good thing they're tearing down this playground. I mean. The playground means shit. If you forget, you forget, right?'

    It is the night before a mosaic Dragon playground is due for demolition in Singapore. Millennial activist Sharon coaxes her cantankerous boyfriend, Hanis, to partake in her Facebook-initiated protest, to which she arrives to realise no one has shown up. Not until an eccentric stranger appears with a tragic, bone-chilling personal story to tell, and Hanis' best pal, Wong who escalates pre-existing tensions and awkwardness through his unfavourable psychoanalysis of Sharon and Hanis' toxic relationship.

    What begins as an impassioned night of heritage activism to save a disappearing playground unravels into an existential dramedy that light-heartedly prodes at millennial anxieties of the search for identity and purpose and the insincerity of Singaporean nostalgia in the face of industrial change and progress.


    Production Team