Stamford Showstoppers presents...

    Sparkling Eyes
    By Ian Winfrey and Friends

    19:45, Fri 29th – Sat 30th July 2022 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 30th July 2022 at ADC Theatre
    Summer Vacation

    A brand-new musical by writers and musicians local to Stamford and Peterborough. Our story follows three sisters who inherit a necklace, The Sparkling Eyes, from their ballerina mother which may or may not have been a gift to her from Russian Tsar. The 1929 financial crash has left the eldest sister impoverished, the youngest dealing with a less than reliable boyfriend and the stable stalwart sister stuck in the middle. Then add in two husbands and a mysterious letter, sisters are divided and their family bond put to the test. What follows are some delightful songs, upbeat tangos and rhumbas, some fabulous 20s dancing, a few misunderstandings and the truth about the story of the mysterious Sparkling Eyes!


    Production Team