The Way Ahead [CANCELLED]
    By Peter Mieville

    19:00, Wed 5th – Sat 8th July 2023 at Corpus Playroom
    Summer Vacation

    N.B. this show has been cancelled

    The Way Ahead centres around a couple-one an actress/ composer, the other a playwright, struggling with their relationship-who are on a quest to find the secret ingredient that allows a work to stand the test of time.

    Can it be found? BE SURPRISED.

    A strange encounter forces them to face hidden truths. A sacrifice must be made.

    The play is set in the north west Highlands with a semi-mythical feel, and has surreal elements.

    It explores different times/spaces, memory and the nature of relationship, with humour and compassion.

    An uplifting journey into other worlds? BE PREPARED.


    Production Team