Corkscrew Theatre Company presents...

The Man Who Argued Himself to Death
By Colin Swash

19:45, Tue 1st – Sat 5th October 2024 at ADC Theatre
Summer Vacation

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The Big Olive. Athens. Before B.C. existed. The populists are on the rise and they’re looking for a scapegoat. Sound familiar? Any old goat will do. Enter Socrates. He opens his mouth and soon he’s on trial for his life. The Man Who Argued Himself To Death, a blisteringly funny satirical comedy by Colin Swash (The Queen, Have I Got News For You) tells us all what it’s like when it becomes a crime to say ‘I Don’t Know’.

Corkscrew Theatre brings yet another original and thought-provoking piece of writing to a larger stage after successfully championing new plays Horrox (2023) and ABRA (2024). Following on from this year’s A Few Good Men and their much-acclaimed production of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, this is another piece of must-see theatre.

This production is suitable for ages 12 and over.

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