Trivia - A Short Film
    By Katherine Stockton

    12:00, Thu 9th May – Sun 2nd June 2024 at n/a
    Easter Week 2 to Week 6


    “Open quotation marks - “all knowledge is precious whether or not it serves the slightest
    human use” - close quotation marks. Who said?” - Alan Bennett

    Medium: short film

    Run time: 12 minutes approximately

    Writer: Katherine Stockton
    Producer: Katherine Stockton

    • CASTING: male actor, presenting between the ages of 25 and 32
    SEEKING crew: director, sound assistant, lighting assistant, editor
    • Director: any experience can apply, willing to work with writer, closely, interested
    in the themes of education and mental health, and how they intersect.
    • Sound assistant: any experience can apply, wants to work with indoor, intimate
    • Lighting assistant: any experience can apply, wants to create indoor, intimate
    lighting set ups

    Trivia is a monologue spoken by George, a struggling final year PhD student of
    Literature. Every term holiday, George tells us, he must embark home to the domain of
    his well-meaning mother and her new partner, Dave. Dave is fantastic at pub quizzes.
    Dave will mow you down with his encyclopaedic grasp of football teams, cricket scores
    and 70’s sitcoms. Dave thinks George’s academic knowledge is useless; not part of the
    ‘real world.’ George thinks Dave’s knowledge is, well, just trivia. George’s monologue
    invites us on one of these holiday trips to the pub quiz, where Cambridge-clever and
    pub-quiz-clever collide.

    Katherine Stockton is an award-winning and published scriptwriter and poet, with a
    particular interest in writing for the stage and for radio. Katherine won the 2020 Snoo
    Wilson Writing Prize for her drama radio series, “Car Crash Girl.” Her award-nominated
    stageplay, “Colloquium” toured in London and Norfolk. Trivia is a monologue from
    Colloquium, which was given 4* reviews from Everything Theatre and LondonTheatre1.

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    Script will be provided upon request.

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