Medics Review presents...

    Medics Review 2005

    23:00, Wed 9th – Sat 12th March 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 7

    This year’s Medics Revue returns home from a highly successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe with another fast-paced comedy sketch show, ready to maintain the long tradition and excellent reputation that it enjoys in Cambridge. This is high quality entertainment with wide-ranging appeal, taking you from current affairs to the completely surreal with almost everything in between.

    The revue has a distinguished history of selling out the ADC Theatre and this show, with its fresh faces and new material, promises nothing less. The cast is made up of Cambridge undergraduate medics and vets, but the 60 minutes of slick, professional and downright hilarious comedy is entirely non-medical.

    Come and get another dose of comedy from the people who brought you Fibula on the Roof and Lawrence of the Labia. You’ll find it’s just what the doctor ordered.


    Production Team